23 Types of Toads From Around The World

Types of toads

Amphibians have been evolving for nearly 400 million years, the first ever discovered fossil of theirs dating back 368 million years during the late-Devonian period. Since then, they have evolved into about 8,600 different species and subspecies currently recognized by science, with more and more new species discovered each and every year. Over 6,000 of … Read more

Types of Florida Tree Frogs

florida tree frogs

Roughly 400 million years ago the first four-legged fish swam out of the ocean and walked onto land, breathing oxygen from our atmosphere for the very first time. These became the ancestors of all land-dwelling animals today, including us humans, and Florida tree frogs, which we’ll be learning about in todays piece. The most commonly … Read more

Types Of Tree Frog – 15 Most Beautiful In The World

types of tree frog

Roughly 400 million years ago the first four-legged fish swam out of the ocean and walked onto land, breathing oxygen from our atmosphere for the very first time. These animals became the ancestors of all land animals today, including humans, and including amphibians. The oldest fossil of a frog ever found dates back 250 million … Read more

Tree Frogs – All-About Small & Mighty Amphibians

Tree Frogs

Tree frogs are fascinating amphibians that spend most of their lifespan living in trees. Those tiny creatures are symbols of the natural world because of their ability to change colors, their adaptations, and their vocal abilities. They differ from others with their nocturnal activity and unique calls. That’s why tree frogs are more often heard … Read more

Difference Between Frogs and Toads?

frogs and toads

Did you know?: Many people mistake frogs for toads, and toads for frogs? It’s true, and it’s easy to see why, as the two species have striking resemblances to one another. Their body structures are more or less the same, and they both spawned from the same ancestors roughly 300 million years ago. It is … Read more

Frog Coloring Pages & Drawings

Frog Coloring Page

Here are some FREE Frog Coloring Pages for you to print out. There is no reason to ever be bored with so many fun frog projects to work on! Be creative with our free frog drawings, like use them as frog stencils. Some of our drawings of frogs are simple frog sketches to color in … Read more

Frog Life Cycle Coloring Page

Frog Life Cycle Coloring Page

Back to Frog Life Cycle Randy JonesHaving discovered a fondness for insects while pursuing her degree in Biology, Randi Jones was quite bugged to know that people usually dismissed these little creatures as “creepy-crawlies”.

Frog Life Cycle

Frog Life Cycle

What came first in the life cycle of a frog: the tadpole, the egg, or the frog? Let’s dive into the water to find out! A frog’s life cycle is very different than many animals you may know of. It starts when the mommy and daddy frog fall in love and decide to have baby … Read more

How to Draw a Diagram of Frog Anatomy

Diagram of Frog Anatomy

If you wanted to draw a diagram of frog anatomy you might be surprised at how many parts there are in that little amphibian. Frogs live on land most of the time, but they are amphibians because they are born in the water, female frogs lay their eggs underwater, and they start their life as … Read more

How to Tell Apart Different Types of Frogs

Different Types of Frogs

There are nearly 4,000 types of frogs, including toads, which are in the frog family, in almost every part of the world. The only place where there are no frogs and have never been any types of frogs is Antarctica because it is too cold all year long. There are about 80 types of frogs … Read more



Only 100 years ago if you lived in California or Oregon you might not have ever seen a North American bullfrog. But now bullfrogs are all over North America, and can even be found on other continents. Some scientists think this is a problem because the bullfrog population is growing so quickly in parts of … Read more