Climate-Specific Care: Adapting Your Dog Care Routine for Different Weather Conditions

Dog Care

As caring pet owners, we always strive to ensure that our dogs are comfortable and healthy, regardless of the weather conditions. However, different climates pose unique challenges that require adaptation and extra care in our pet care routines. Let’s explore how to modify your dog care regime according to the prevailing weather conditions. Understanding Dogs’ … Read more

How To Keep the Insects Away When Camping

How To Keep the Insects Away When Camping

As much as we love camping and the great outdoors, there’s one thing that can quickly ruin the experience — insects! Small insects like mosquitoes, ants, and spiders can make your trip unpleasant. But fear not fellow campers! We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide on how to keep those pesky insects away when … Read more

Feline Friends 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Owning a Cat

Beginner guide owning cat

If you’re considering adding a feline friend to your household, you’ve made a great decision. Cats make wonderful pets and can bring endless joy into your life with their amusing antics. But before bringing home a furry companion, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into.  This beginner’s guide will provide you with all the … Read more

How to Grow A Monarch Butterfly

Monarch and Flower

If you live in North America and have a place where native milkweed will grow, you can help Monarch Butterflies grow. All most of us need to do to grow our own Monarchs is to leave the native milkweed plants alone and avoid spraying or otherwise polluting the area. A butterfly will place an egg … Read more

Free Monarch Butterfly Coloring Pages

Monarch Colouring Pages

Here are some FREE Monarch Coloring Pages for you to print out. You can go back to our pages about Monarch Butterflies here. Randy JonesHaving discovered a fondness for insects while pursuing her degree in Biology, Randi Jones was quite bugged to know that people usually dismissed these little creatures as “creepy-crawlies”.

A Monarch Butterfly Release for Your Event

Wedding Monarchs

When planning the perfect event, you want to make it memorable. What could be more special than releasing a cloud of living butterflies? The display is elegant, absolutely beautiful. You and your guests will always remember it. What a Monarch Butterfly photo opportunity a butterfly release can make! Monarch Butterflies’ wings are at your disposal. … Read more

Saving Monarch Butterfly

Monarch in hands

All across the North American continent, and on the other coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, people admire the King of Butterflies. The Monarch Butterfly’s heroic migration, colorful wings, and purposeful flight appeal even to people who dislike other insects. The sight of hibernating Monarch butterfly cities in California and Mexico has even generated … Read more

What Do Monarch Butterflies Eat?

Monarch Butterfly Eating

Monarch Butterflies are sometimes called Milkweed Butterflies because of their symbiotic relationship with milkweed. They cannot survive without plants in the genus Asclepias. However, a full answer to the question of butterfly nutrition, considering all the sources of nourishment the insects take in during the four stages of the Monarch Butterfly life cycle, goes beyond milkweed, … Read more

Monarch Butterfly Facts

butterfly 60

Monarch Butterflies attract a lot of attention. Many students, entomologists, and hobbyists have discovered fun facts about this species. Here are some bonus facts. Monarch Butterfly Habitat Danaus plexippusis basically a North American species, although our Monarchs also live in the South Pacific and have been found as strays on all continents. Other parts of the … Read more

Monarch Butterfly Migration

Monarch butterfly migration

When they are active, Monarchs like plenty of space. When they are about to hibernate, they opt for safety in numbers. Clusters of twenty or thirty butterflies weigh down the thin tips of tree branches and become a positive tourist attraction. Where do Monarch Butterflies migrate to? The Monarch Butterfly migration map is pretty simple. … Read more

Saving Milkweed to Save Monarchs

monarch unfolds from chrysalis

Habitat loss endangers Monarch Butterflies For centuries, rather than being crowded out by other animals, Monarchs have been able to work around and coexist with every other living thing in North America. They avoid direct competition with each other or with other species. What do Monarch Butterflies eat? Primarily milkweed is a weed that is … Read more