Giant African Land Snail – Facts, Characteristics & Habits

Giant African Land Snail

Have you heard about giant African land snails? This creature is famous for being one of the largest and most harmful land snail species in the world. Since they are frequently imported illegally for the pet and shell trades and occasionally utilized in educational contexts, they make pretty interesting species. The “Achatina fulica” is one … Read more

Where Do Snails Live?

Where do snails live

You might have seen a snail at least once in your garden or while walking in the park. The snail family contains many different species with unique appearances and characteristics. Have you ever wondered where do snails live? All of the snail species have different needs and live in different habitats. Keep on reading if … Read more

Shark Life Cycle – Lengthy and Slow Development

Shark Life Cycle

Sharks have historically been the most ferocious and feared members of the ocean environment. It is believed that sharks have been around for more than 400 million years. So, it is natural to wonder about the shark life cycle. Sharks serve the earth by managing marine life numbers, despite the terrifying image that certain movies … Read more

How Fast Can Hippos Run?

How Fast Can Hippos Run

Have you ever seen hippos running? Hippos are large and moody animals that can be very heavy. They have large bodies and relatively short legs. Even though they are known to be lazy, hippos are pretty athletic. Well, anybody who has seen those chubby creatures running, especially those that have been chased by hippos, will … Read more

How Fast Can Hippos Swim?

How Fast Can Hippos Swim

Hippopotamuses are the third-largest animals and are unique and mysterious creatures. In Greek, they are known as “river horses.“ Hippos spend the vast majority of their lives in the water. Therefore, it is very fascinating how those large and heavy animals manage to stay underwater. If you are wondering how fast can hippos swim, or … Read more

Are Sharks Scared Of Dolphins?

Are Sharks Scared Of Dolphins

It is not known where it comes from, but many people wonder — are sharks scared of dolphins? Sharks are known to be scary water animals; seeing them is blood-freezing. On the other hand, dolphins are considered to be harmless, friendly, and funny creatures. So, it is intriguing to know, “are sharks scared of dolphins?” … Read more

Tomato Hornworm Life Cycle & Tips to Prevent

Tomato Hornworm Life Cycle

People who’re tired of looking for tomato hornworms in their gardens often try to learn more about the tomato hornworm life cycle. But did you know that the official name for tomato hornworms is Manduca quinquemaculata?  This specific name comes from the long, horn-like tail on the back of those larvae or caterpillars. They do … Read more