Tomato Hornworm Life Cycle & Tips to Prevent

Tomato Hornworm Life Cycle

People who’re tired of looking for tomato hornworms in their gardens often try to learn more about the tomato hornworm life cycle. But did you know that the official name for tomato hornworms is Manduca quinquemaculata?  This specific name comes from the long, horn-like tail on the back of those larvae or caterpillars. They do … Read more

Caterpillar Life Cycle – Common Habits & Stages of Development

Caterpillar Life Cycle

Caterpillars are some of the most bizarre-looking creatures on earth, famous for their remarkable transformation into butterflies or moths. But what is your knowledge about these amazing creatures and the caterpillar life cycle? Exploring the developmental stages of the caterpillar life cycle is one of the ways to understand more about our amazing nature. Caterpillars … Read more