Butterfly Larvae – Extraordinary Stage of Butterfly Metamorphosis

Butterfly Larvae

During the growth stage, a butterfly goes through a complicated development process called metamorphosis. This word has a Greek origin and translates as a transformation or change. The butterfly’s development and metamorphosis include 4 main stages —  egg stage, larvae, pupa, and adult butterfly. The butterfly larvae are also known as caterpillars. It is believed … Read more

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

monarch butterfly life cycle

If you have ever been lucky enough to witness Monarch Butterflies fluttering around, you know how captivating they can be. But did you know that the Monarch Butterfly life cycle is just as mesmerizing as its beauty? From egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to adult butterfly, the journey of a Monarch is full of wonder … Read more

Are Monarch Butterflies Poisonous?

are monarch butterfly poisonous?

Monarch Butterflies are lovely to look at, but poisonous to eat. Animals that eat other butterflies seldom die after eating a Monarch but seem to feel sick. Predators that taste their food will spit out a Monarch Butterfly. If they have the ability to vomit, after swallowing a Monarch predators will usually do so. They … Read more

Monarch Butterfly Life Span

Monarch Butterfly Life Span

An individual Monarch Butterfly’s life span may be only a little longer than other butterflies or maybe extended almost twice that length by hibernation. How long Monarch Butterflies live depends partly on the individual butterfly’s place in the four-generation-a-year Monarch Butterfly life cycle. February-March: The First Generation The first generation of Monarch Butterfly eggs, which … Read more

How to Help Monarch Butterflies?

Monarch Butterfly 55

We humans, don’t know all the things that may help or harm Monarch Butterfly populations. Here is a list of five things we believe are currently threatening the Monarchs (and other butterflies), and what you can do to help. 1. Milkweed Since native milkweed species are the only food Monarch Butterfly larvae can eat, protecting … Read more

How to Grow A Monarch Butterfly

Monarch and Flower

If you live in North America and have a place where native milkweed will grow, you can help Monarch Butterflies grow. All most of us need to do to grow our own Monarchs is to leave the native milkweed plants alone and avoid spraying or otherwise polluting the area. A butterfly will place an egg … Read more

Free Monarch Butterfly Coloring Pages

Monarch Colouring Pages

Here are some FREE Monarch Coloring Pages for you to print out. You can go back to our pages about Monarch Butterflies here. Randy JonesHaving discovered a fondness for insects while pursuing her degree in Biology, Randi Jones was quite bugged to know that people usually dismissed these little creatures as “creepy-crawlies”.

A Monarch Butterfly Release for Your Event

Wedding Monarchs

When planning the perfect event, you want to make it memorable. What could be more special than releasing a cloud of living butterflies? The display is elegant, absolutely beautiful. You and your guests will always remember it. What a Monarch Butterfly photo opportunity a butterfly release can make! Monarch Butterflies wings are at your disposal. … Read more

Saving Monarch Butterfly

Monarch in hands

All across the North American continent, and on the other coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, people admire the King of Butterflies. The Monarch Butterfly’s heroic migration, colorful wings, and purposeful flight appeal even to people who dislike other insects. The sight of hibernating Monarch butterfly cities in California and Mexico has even generated … Read more

What Do Monarch Butterflies Eat?

Monarch Butterfly Eating

Monarch Butterflies are sometimes called Milkweed Butterflies because of their symbiotic relationship with milkweed. They cannot survive without plants in the genus Asclepias. However, a full answer to the question of butterfly nutrition, considering all the sources of nourishment the insects take in during the four stages of the Monarch Butterfly life cycle, goes beyond milkweed, … Read more

Monarch Butterfly Facts

butterfly 60

Monarch Butterflies attract a lot of attention. Many students, entomologists, and hobbyists have discovered fun facts about this species. Here are some bonus facts. Monarch Butterfly Habitat Danaus plexippusis basically a North American species, although our Monarchs also live in the South Pacific and have been found as strays on all continents. Other parts of the … Read more