Butterfly Garden Plans

Congregation of Monarch Butterflies on a bush

Butterfly Houses and Farms If you have a place in your yard and would like to assist in the conservation efforts for the most beautiful creatures in the world, then you will certainly want to create a butterfly garden.  Many species of butterflies are disappearing due to their loss of natural habitat because of expanding urbanization … Read more

Butterfly Behavior to Watch in the Garden

Monarch Butterfly pair feeding on Zinnia Flowers

Observing butterflies in the garden is a great way to learn about them!  What Flowers/Shrubs Attract Butterflies? As you may know already, most species of butterflies use flower nectar as their main source of food.  The use of the sugary nectar gives the butterflies energy and allows them to fly, so stocking up on flowers … Read more

Butterfly Garden Decor

Monarch butterflies on a flowers in garden

If you have a butterfly garden that needs some sprucing up, there are several things you can do that may take a little time and a little money, but it will not be overly expensive and it will be well worth your time because sprucing up your butterfly garden can ensure that you have more butterflies than … Read more

Build A Butterfly Garden

Monarch butterfly feeding on tropical milkweed flowers

What better way to start a butterfly garden than to raise your own butterflies for it? This can be an activity that the whole family can enjoy and learn from. You will first want to design and start your butterfly garden. Then you will need to either learn how to gather and raise butterflies from eggs, or … Read more

Where Do Butterflies Live?

Butterfly 1

When it comes to exactly where butterflies live, there is no real simple answer because butterflies live all over the place.  It all comes down to what season of the year we are talking about and the species of butterfly.  So in this article, we will explore some of the different places where butterflies live … Read more

Do Butterflies Migrate? Where Do They Go?

Monarch Butterflies

Have you heard of the Monarch butterfly migration? Well, other butterflies migrate too! There are many other species of butterflies that also migrate.  For example, the Painted Lady, Common Buckeye, American Lady, Red Admiral, Cloudless Sulphur, Skipper, Sachem, Question Mark, Clouded Skipper, Fiery Skipper, and Mourning Cloak are all butterflies that migrate as well.  There are different reasons … Read more

How Long Do Butterflies Live?

Peacock eye butterfly

How long butterflies live depends on many things and varies greatly. It depends on the size of the butterfly, the species of the butterfly, where it lives, and what time of year it became an adult.  For example, if the butterfly is of the smaller version it will probably not live as long, but if … Read more

What Do Butterflies Eat?

Tortoiseshell butterfly eating

When it comes to butterflies, a lot of people do not know exactly what they eat. Let’s explore some of the things that they would eat. First, you have to realize that there are a lot of butterfly food sources; you just have to look for them! We promise that there are many different butterfly … Read more

What Eats Butterflies?

Chameleon eating butterfly

There are many different creatures that make butterflies part of their diet.  While most humans can not even imagine attempting to eat a butterfly, there are many animals that need to make a meal out of a butterfly to survive.   Some of the common predators of butterflies include but are certainly not limited to: … Read more