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If you have a butterfly garden that needs some sprucing up, there are several things you can do that may take a little time and a little money, but it will not be overly expensive and it will be well worth your time because sprucing up your butterfly garden can ensure that you have more butterflies than ever next season.

The first thing you will want to do each season is to trim back your flowers and plants, pull any weeds (but be sure to leave the milkweed because the caterpillars love them), and pull out any dead plants. Replace these with new plants and flowers that your butterflies love.

You can also add a couple of butterfly feeders. These are similar to hummingbird feeders and you can keep them full with butterfly nectar for them to enjoy. For some garden decor maybe add a couple of pretty butterfly houses. Butterfly houses look similar to bat houses, except they only have small slots in them for the butterflies to fit through and to keep the bats and birds out. These houses give the butterflies shelter on cold and windy evenings and protection against their predators. Butterflies will find your butterfly houses and come back to them night after night, and emerge to your garden in the morning.

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If you have spruced up your butterfly garden and are still not seeing the number or different species of butterflies that you would like to see, consider purchasing a live butterfly kit and raise some butterflies of your own. Once they have grown into beautiful butterflies you can release them into your butterfly garden in hopes that they will make your garden their home. Live butterfly kits come with everything you need to grow and raise butterflies from the caterpillar stage through metamorphosis, including the caterpillars and all of the instructions you need. Check to make sure that your flowers and plants are the correct type that the butterflies you want to attract like to feed and breed on.


A nice mosaic bistro table and comfortable chairs next to the butterfly garden is a perfect place to enjoy a good book and a tall glass of iced tea on breezy summer days, though you may not get much reading done because you will be lost in the beauty of your spruced up butterfly garden and all of the wonderful guests you have visiting your garden each day.

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