Tomato Hornworm Life Cycle & Tips to Prevent

Tomato Hornworm Life Cycle

People who’re tired of looking for tomato hornworms in their gardens often try to learn more about the tomato hornworm life cycle. But did you know that the official name for tomato hornworms is Manduca quinquemaculata?  This specific name comes from the long, horn-like tail on the back of those larvae or caterpillars. They do … Read more

Lice Life Cycle – Overview of Development Stages

Lice Life Cycle

You may already be familiar with lice. These tiny insects are somewhat a part of our childhood memories. They spread quickly and can be bothersome if they end up on your head. They’re wingless parasitic insects that attach to human hair and consume scalp blood. The lice life cycle is the time from the moment … Read more

Caterpillar Life Cycle – Common Habits & Stages of Development

Caterpillar Life Cycle

Caterpillars are some of the most bizarre-looking creatures on earth, famous for their remarkable transformation into butterflies or moths. But what is your knowledge about these amazing creatures and the caterpillar life cycle? Exploring the developmental stages of the caterpillar life cycle is one of the ways to understand more about our amazing nature. Caterpillars … Read more

Moth Life Cycle – 4 Life Stages & Reproduction

Moth life cycle

Moths are fascinating creatures, but most likely, you don’t like them since there may be a few months of gnawing on your clothing in your closet, but those are relatively simple to get rid of. Not the adult flying moths, but their rice-sized larvae, are the experts in fabric devastation.  Moths come in thousands of … Read more

Grasshopper Life Cycle – 3 Stages & Unique Characteristics

Grasshopper life cycle

What do you know about the grasshopper life cycle? A grasshopper is a leaping insect resembling a cricket that inhabits various habitats. Grasshoppers are most prevalent in places like lowland tropical forests, semi-arid areas, and grasslands. They can have yellow or red patterns and range in color from green to olive or brown. Grasshoppers have … Read more

Fly Life Cycle

Fly Life Cycle

Flies are one of the most widespread creatures around the world. They can be found anywhere, anytime, and sometimes they can even be very annoying. There are many different species of flies, including fruit flies, houseflies, horse flies, and many more.  In this article, we will discuss flies’ lifespans and their development stages. Learning about … Read more

Pink Ladybug – Characteristics, Life Cycle & Living Habits

Pink Ladybug

Have you ever seen a pink ladybug? If yes, you will be mesmerized by its beauty and unusual color. Since you came across this article, you must be curious about those unique insects. Pink spotted ladybugs typically have 12 spots and are also scientifically known as Coleomegilla maculata. Let’s explore those amazing insects and learn … Read more

Cicada Life Cycle – Peculiar & Fascinating

Cicada Life Cycle

Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by the incredible insects – cicadas. Due to their peculiar life cycles, they have been revered as symbols of rebirth by many civilizations.  Cicada themes were even introduced into imperial court attire in the 17th century. They were formerly regarded as high-status creatures. In this article, we will … Read more