5 Lucky Insects That Indicate Excellent Fortune

5 Lucky Insects That Indicate Excellent Fortune

Do you have any superstitious beliefs? If so, you might be interested to learn that numerous insects are also regarded as lucky symbols, in addition to the many signs and emblems used by different cultures.

Though some insects may give you a shiver, many have been thought to have been lucky insects and bring good luck throughout time and civilizations, and the myths associated with them are compelling. So, take a moment to go through this comprehensive list of insects that could be lucky for you throughout the year.

5 Most Prevalent Lucky Insects Around the World 

1. Dragonfly


Even though they might be frightful, dragonflies are said to offer harmony, prosperity, strength, calm, and purity. Some even claim that if they land on you, your life is going to undergo a significant transformation.

Yuryaka Tenvo, the 21st emperor of China, allegedly got bitten by an insect while out hunting. The emperor avoided further harm as a dragonfly devoured the insect, earning them an incredibly fortunate reputation they continue to maintain today.

According to Native American traditions, dragonflies were originally dragons that were deceived into changing their forms, and as a result, they stand for transformation, speed, and delusions. 

Lakota and Dakota armor usually features dragonfly designs to evoke the fierceness and fear of the dragonfly. Cherokee mythology holds that killing a dragonfly brings bad fortune.  Many individuals believe that making a wish while observing a dragonfly will make it come true.

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2. Ladybug


The ladybug ranks as one of the most prominent lucky insects thanks to its particular significance in almost every culture and its ability to attract prosperity.

Some cultures claim that wearing a ladybug charm will bring good luck and that its touch will cure illnesses.  

The tradition states that if a ladybug lands on you, you need to count the dots on it to determine how many months of blessings you will have. Another commonly held belief in Canada states that you have to grant a wish to a ladybug, and the number of spots on its surface will reveal how many months it will take for your desire to come true.

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3. Cricket


Due to its uniqueness and appreciation of its cultural significance, cricket was thought to be one of the insects that brought good luck in many cultures, especially in China

The enduring notion that crickets might grant families wealth and prosperity was held in high regard by several European countries. As a result, many households still maintain a cricket souvenir as a good luck charm today. The beliefs are even more heavily ingrained in Ireland, where crickets are cherished, and it is believed that disrespecting crickets might upset them and have a detrimental impact. 

Crickets have historically served as “watchdogs” in Asian nations, ceasing to chirp when the danger gets closer. Native Americans avoided duplicating cricket chirping out of respect for the insect since they thought it brought good luck as well. According to bug superstition, killing a cricket, even accidentally, is incredibly unfavorable 

4. Scarabs


Scarabs are frequently depicted in Egyptian art, which is no surprise given that in ancient Egypt, they stood for both the rising sun and a shield against evil. Additionally, they stand for renewal, rebirth, and metamorphosis

These small insects from ancient Egypt, which are still around today, are widely acknowledged in the movie “The Mummy.” Even though they were portrayed in the film as being frightful, they are frequently considered a symbol of good fortune in many cultures.

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5. Butterfly


Many people perceive butterflies as a lucky representation of change and fresh beginnings due to their evolution from caterpillar to butterfly, which is frequently portrayed as a symbol of transformation. Some people assume that observing a butterfly indicates the beginning of an exciting adventure, much as a caterpillar constructs its cocoon before its metamorphosis

Butterflies represent the significance of transformation, and many believe that to become something beautiful, one must be patient like the butterfly.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you believe in superstitions or are just an admirer of nature, these lucky insects have the power to grant you great fortune in all facets of your daily life. The existence of these insects in nature encourages us that things will change and that one day we will be able to access even more powerful supernatural capabilities thanks to these marvelous insects. 

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