Thai Devil Crab – Behavior, Size, and Care Tips

Thai Devil Crab

If you don’t believe in superstitions, don’t pay attention to verbal meanings, and are a devotee of the extraordinary, you should unquestionably consider the Thai Devil Crab as an inhabitant of your aquarium. Just saying its name sounds exciting, not to mention the visuals of this crab!  Thai Devil Crabs can make captivating pets for … Read more

Vampire Crabs – Fascinating Facts

Vampire Crabs

Are you curious about the enigmatic realm of vampire crabs, enhanced with captivating colors and intricate patterns?  If so, you will be further inclined to know that the vampire crab is among the most marvelous creatures you can keep in custody. You have to meet them to believe in their distinctive colors!  However, if you’re … Read more

Crab Life Cycle

Crab Life Cycle

Who hasn’t heard of these incredible creatures? Crabs now come in more than 6,700 different species and can live in various habitats, including freshwater, the salty ocean environment, and along the beach. While some live entirely on land, they are always close to water of some kind. Did you know that crabs keep the environment … Read more

Crab Larvae – Unique & Mysterious Development

Crab Larvae

Crabs are fascinating creatures. They come in over 6,700 species and live in various habitats. While some of them prefer freshwater, others like the salty ocean environment. Some live entirely on land, yet they are constantly close to the water of some kind. Because they maintain the environment, crabs are highly significant creatures. Additionally, they … Read more

Pet Hermit Crab Facts


Hermit crabs make fun and interesting pets – in fact, they are probably more interesting than you know! In order to have one of these creatures as a pet, it is absolutely essential that you know a few vital hermit crab facts. Fortunately, this can make for a fun learning experience as well. So, what … Read more