Learn About Nature is an informative database that aims to provide useful facts, ideas, and insights about all aspects of nature. We thrive on collecting information about mammals, insects, reptiles, birds, fish, and other living creatures of our planet and helping nature-lovers understand where they live, what they eat, or what their life cycle is.

What’s more, Learn About Nature contains a great deal of information about plants, their anatomy, and watering techniques. It’s been our privilege to share practical insights about living creatures of our nature and inform people who are enthusiastic about learning more about our environment.

Who We Are

Learn About Nature was founded on a simple premise: to help people learn about nature. 

We are an experienced team of individuals who are passionate about nature and its living creatures. That’s why we aim to provide accurate information about as many animals and plants as possible.

Our website is targeted at people from all parts of the world, with various backgrounds, who are unified by one thing: love for nature. The audience of Learn About Nature includes pet owners, animal lovers, students, researchers, individuals interested in gardening, or just casual readers. 

With us, you can read informative guidelines about different species of animals and plants, get inspired, and have fun along the way!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we strive to provide informative blogs and guidelines about nature. The purpose of Learn About Nature is to help people learn reliable and up-to-date information about their preferred birds, animals, fish, or plants. 

We use highly authoritative and credible sources to educate people about nature’s living inhabitants and try to help them reconnect with the beauty of our natural world. This means that you’re free to use all the information on our website for entertaining and educational purposes.

What We Offer

At Learn About Nature, we offer diverse information about nature and its inhabitants. The content of our website is divided into 8 basic categories:

  • Mammals
  • Insects
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Plants
  • Amphibians
  • Invertebrates

Each of these categories includes subcategories of specific types of animals or plants. Our website is easy to navigate, and with us, you can easily find the needed articles in seconds!

However, we don’t stop with these categories and frequently update the content on our website as a result of our ambitious goal: to develop the most useful and informative database about nature.

What does this mean?

This means that, regardless of whether you want to find out more about wildlife or get more familiar with your pet, Learn About Nature is the right place to get informed!

Values & Visions

Our work is inspired by the following values and visions:

Inform Nature Lovers

Providing accurate information about nature is our basic objective. We guarantee the quality of the content we provide about animals, plants, and nature in general.

Connect People with Nature

We plan to reconnect people with their environment and build strong relationships between individuals and nature.

Support Environment

We understand the changes that affect our ecosystem and want to protect and support our natural environment at all costs.