Dragon Moray Eel: Diet, Habitat, and Life Cycle

Dragon Moray Eel

Eels first show up in our fossil records during the mid-Cretaceous period dating back to roughly 100 million years ago, meaning they’re more or less dinosaurs that managed to survive the latest mass extinction. Dragon Moray Eel Facts They’ve evolved into over 800 known species that still exist today, classified into 19 families and 111 … Read more

Conger Eel: Diet, Habitat, and Life Cycle

Conger Eel

Eels first show up in the fossil record dating back to 100 million years ago during the mid-Cretaceous period, and have evolved into over 800 known species that still exist today, which are classified into 19 families and 111 different genera including Conger eels. They’re not generally hostile toward humans unless threatened, but should you … Read more

Shark Life Cycle – Lengthy and Slow Development

Shark Life Cycle

Sharks have historically been the most ferocious and feared members of the ocean environment. It is believed that sharks have been around for more than 400 million years. So, it is natural to wonder about the shark life cycle. Sharks serve the earth by managing marine life numbers, despite the terrifying image that certain movies … Read more

Are Sharks Scared Of Dolphins?

Are Sharks Scared Of Dolphins

It is not known where it comes from, but many people wonder — are sharks scared of dolphins? Sharks are known to be scary water animals; seeing them is blood-freezing. On the other hand, dolphins are considered to be harmless, friendly, and funny creatures. So, it is intriguing to know, “are sharks scared of dolphins?” … Read more

Eel Life Cycle – Extraordinary & Strange

Eel Life Cycle

Fish called eels have long, thin bodies. The Anguilliforme family of fish, which includes over 800 different species of eels, is found all over the world. The eel life cycle is extremely fascinating, and it starts with lengthy migrations after starting as floating larvae. Eels are predatory fish that may live up to 80 years.  … Read more

Salmon Life Cycle

Salmon Life Cycle

Salmon is one of the most popular fish and is an important part of cuisine all around the world. Its unique nature isn’t only about its exquisite taste. Instead, it’s also one of the unique creatures in the animal kingdom, as this fish has the ability to swim upstream for reproduction.  Since you came across … Read more

Fish Life Cycle

Fish Life Cycle

Fish are one of the most mysterious creatures, yet one of the common pets. Fish can be very small to very, very big! How does the life cycle of a fish work? Dive into an ocean, pond, or fish tank to find out! In the beginning…. the egg The first step to the fish life … Read more

Blood Worms

Fresh Water Fish

Blood worms are a type of food fed to freshwater fish species that are carnivores or omnivores. These types of fish need meat-based food; they will not thrive on plants or fish flakes alone. Your omnivore or carnivore fish species require a diet that is high in protein. Blood worms can increase the protein and … Read more

Feeding Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish

Feeding your tropical fish is one of the most important steps in ensuring their overall health. You’ll want to choose a high-quality tropical fish food, not just any old can of fish flakes. Remember that the first ingredient listed on the food is the primary ingredient. In nature, fish eat other fish. Choose a fish … Read more

Types of Fish Food


Feeding your tropical fish a balanced diet that is tailored to the species is absolutely crucial, though it is often overlooked by those who are just starting with their first aquarium. Proper feeding maintains a healthy immune system, stimulates growth and breeding, improves the appearance of fish and encourages activity. Different species of fish require … Read more

Setting up an Aquarium


When you’re setting up an aquarium, the first thing you will need to determine is which kinds of fish you wish to keep. The aquarium and supplies you choose will need to support the needs of your fish. If you are choosing relatively small, community fish, you will need one gallon of water for every … Read more