How Do Chinchillas Survive In The Wild?


Chinchillas are renowned for their captivating charm and ultra-soft fur. Despite their small size, these intriguing rodents possess remarkable survival skills that have allowed them to thrive in challenging environments for thousands of years.   This article delves into the unique strategies and adaptations chinchillas employ for survival in the wild, from their physical attributes and … Read more

Do Hamsters Hibernate? Here’s What Science Says

Do Hamsters Hibernate

Hamsters are amazing animals that have gained popularity as pets all around the world. These little rodents are renowned for their charming looks and amusing personalities. Some contend that hamsters do not hibernate during the winter, despite the widespread belief that they do.  Do hamsters hibernate, then? Owners of hamsters have been perplexed by this … Read more

Fancy Rat

Fancy Rat

Scientific Classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Mammalia Order: Rodentia Family: Muridae Subfamily: Murinae Genus: Rattus Genus: R. norvegicus Binomial name: Rattus norvegicus The most common variety among pet rats is the domesticated brown-hued rat, called the fancy rat (Rattus norvegicus), the term fancy rat takes its origin from the phrase “to fancy” … Read more

Pet Rat Life Expectancy

Young Rats

Best Physical Activities Promote Fitness, Good Health And Pet Rat Life Expectancy Rats are wonderful pets despite the fact that they earned a very bad reputation for the havoc they wreaked at the time of the bubonic plague. The average life span of a rat being approximately 2 to 3 years, makes them excellent pets … Read more

Pet Rat Cages

Pet Rat Cage

Remember the Rats Have Gained the Reputation of Houdini, the Master Escapist It is believed that transgenic rats are smart and judicious compared to all other rats. You are accountable as a breeder, to cater to their needs which they are worthy of. On this subject, you must give preference to the pet rat cages … Read more

Pet Rat Types

Pet Rat

It is a great experience to know about the variety of pet rat types in the market today. It is a revelation for us to learn about the diverse varieties that we never knew about. The collectors have been speculating on the types of theserat varieties that have intrigued hobbyists over the years. Currently, the … Read more

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog

Scientific Classification Kingdom:  Animalia Phylum:  Chordata Class:  Mammalia Order:  Rodentia Suborder:  Sciuromorpha Family:  Sciuridae Tribe:  Marmotini Genus:  Cynomys People refer to Prairie dogs as burrowing rodents. They occupy huge colonies in the grassy areas of Western and Central North America. The five varieties of prairie dogs (tailed prairie dog tailed prairie dog, Utah, black-tailed and … Read more

Guinea Pigs as Pets

Guinea Pigs

Scientific Classification Kingdom:  Animalia Phylum:  Chordata Class:  Mammalia Order:  Rodentia Suborder:  Hystricomorpha Family:  Caviidae Subfamily:  Caviinae Genus:  Cavia Species:  C. porcellus Binomial name:  Cavia porcellus The guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), otherwise known as cavy, is a variation of a typical rodent of the Cavidae family of Cavia genes. Regardless of their usual name, they do not … Read more



Scientific Classification Kingdom:  Animalia Phylum:  Chordata Subphylum:  Vertebrata Class:  Mammalia Order:  Rodentia Suborder:  Myomorpha Superfamily:  Muroidea Family:  Cricetidae Subfamily:  Cricetinae Hamsters are rodents belonging to the family Cricetidae and the subfamily Cricetinae. These crepuscular (twilight) Hamsters settle underground at day protecting themselves against predators. When in the wild, they eat vegetables, seeds, fruits and at times, … Read more



Scientific Classification Kingdom:  Animalia Phylum:  Chordata Class:  Mammalia Order:  Rodentia Superfamily:  Muroidea Family:  Muridae Subfamily:  Gerbillinae Gerbils come in several colors, are such charming pets and adjust very well to most of their handlers as they bite rarely and are curious animals. Out of all the 90 odd species that exist, the Mongolian gerbil is … Read more