5 Most Iconic Animal Paintings in Art History

5 Most Iconic Animal Paintings in Art History

Animal-themed paintings are common all around the world. Considering that animals are an integral part of nature, artists often draw inspiration from their beauty and reflect their unique characteristics in their paintings. Interestingly, animal themes are often used not only by modern artists but even the first artworks in the world including animal figures. Specifically, … Read more

Sheep Names – 10+ Extraordinary and Funny Names

Sheep Names

In the process of sitting comfortably on your farm and watching your sheep, you have probably thought many times that cute and unique creatures like sheep deserve a name that perfectly expresses their character and identity. Sheep owners find it especially hard to find proper sheep names for members of their flock. But luckily, there … Read more

Inappropriate Cat Names: Top 10

Inappropriate Cat Names

As a cat parent, you probably agree that giving a decent name to your little kitten isn’t an easy process. Most of the time, cat owners try to get to know new friend’s personalities before choosing a name for them. Still, we can’t argue that leaving them without a name before exploring their characteristics isn’t … Read more

Monkey Names & Meanings Behind Their Origin

Catchy Monkey Names & Meanings Behind Their Origin

Choosing a proper name for your cart isn’t as easy as it may seem for those who own monkeys as pets. You probably want to give them either a name with an interesting history and meaning behind it or something playful that will reflect their distinct characteristics. In both cases, monkey names are hard to … Read more

5 Video Games That Help You Escape Into Nature

5 Video Games That Help You Escape Into Nature

Have you ever dreamed of opening a portal directly from your computer screen to escape your daily routine into the wonders of nature?  We have a pleasant surprise for gaming enthusiasts who admire animals, forests, plants, and nature’s other wonders — in today’s gaming industry, there are plenty of high-quality video games that feature nature … Read more

5 Smartest Animals in the World –  A Deep Dive into Animal Intelligence

Smartest Animals in the World

Have you ever wondered how smart the animals around us are? This is probably one of those human questions that have been bothering people for centuries.  Despite many animals on Earth displaying signs of high intelligence, they cannot be measured using an intelligence quotient. Instead, we can observe evidence based on self-awareness, problem-solving, emotional capacity, … Read more