15 Strongest Animal Bite Forces in the World

Strongest Animal Bite Force

There are a lot of animals out there that you wouldn’t want to find yourself in the jaws of, and that’s what this list is all about. Today, we’ll be going over the top 15 animals in the world with the strongest animal bite force measured by PSI. PSI measures the amount of pounds of … Read more

Animals That Start With X

Animals That Start With X

Looking around and thinking carefully, we will notice that every little, even the tiniest creature around us, matters. The world is designed so that every living organism is dependent on another. There are predators and prey. Altogether, the way nature works create the perfect balance which needs to be maintained. In this article, we will … Read more

Animals That Start With R

Animals That Start With R

The animal kingdom has been forming for millions of years. The evolutionary traits and unique abilities of different species are formed by the influence of these environmental factors. However, it is amazing how every individual living creature is unique, and the world simply keeps surprising us.  Some areas of the world have more varieties of … Read more

Fox Life Cycle

Fox Life Cycle

In contrast to humans, foxes have very specialized life cycles that all foxes essentially follow. Unlike other creatures, the fox life cycle tracks a set routine throughout the seasons, and they mate at the same periods and according to the same innate patterns. Foxes are animals with bushy tails and beautiful coat colors. These clever … Read more

Animals That Start With L

Animals That Start With L

Did you know that there are more than 2 million identified species of animals in the world? Among those, the vast majority (80%) of creatures live on land. The rest, 20%, have chosen the oceans and freshwater as their habitat. All those animals are unique and have distinctive characteristics and habits. In this article, we … Read more

Can Ducks Fly?

Can Ducks Fly

Who hasn’t heard of ducks, these quacky, cute creatures? They are widespread birds that live on every continent except Antarctica, and you’re probably very familiar with some species of them since they usually live among us. These fun-loving water birds are found in both freshwater and seawater. That’s why we see them mostly in the … Read more

Pet Friendly Hardwood Floors

Puppy on Hard Floor

Nothing says timeless style and sophistication like hardwood floors. Rich, easy care, and allergen free, hardwood provides a luster and finish that is truly unique. However, not all hardwood floors are created equal and care must to be taken in picking the right floor for the users, especially if some of the users have four … Read more

Pet Friendly Airlines

Dog in Bag

If you’re like most people, you consider your canine pets to be part of the family. So why would you take a family vacation without them? While traveling with dogs just a decade ago was not an easy task, today more travel vendors are bending over backward to make the experience easier and more enjoyable … Read more

Why You Should Buy Pet Insurance


Fluffy is in the hospital and needs immediate, life-saving surgery that will cost nearly $5000 – can you comfortably pay for the surgery? Does it mean the loss of an upcoming vacation? Defaulting on a couple of mortgage payments? Or maybe it means Fluffy is euthanized because the money is just not there to save … Read more