5 Feng Shui Animals That Are Believed to Attract Good Luck

5 Feng Shui Animals That Are Believed to Attract Good Luck

Do you aim to arrange your surroundings in a way that creates a harmonious flow of energy around you? Then, the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui is at your disposal! The main goal of this oriental art of living is to create a harmonious environment. Interestingly, in this process, Feng Shui animals play a special role in bringing exceptionally good luck and prosperity.

Feng Shui considers the symbolic figures to be an activator of well-being or a kind of magnet that attracts the positive energies of the universe. Of course, it is not worth setting up a museum of talismans at home. But buying a few lucky animal figurines would indeed be very useful, especially considering that, according to the Chinese, wisely selected and placed talismans have a magical effect.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 5 Feng Shui animals capable of taking your personal and professional lives to new heights by bringing luck and prosperity.

1. Goldfish


Due to its exceptional color and sophistication, goldfish is associated with gold and wealth. Therefore, it’s a beneficial option for people of all interests who want to attract luck. That could be why Feng Shui animals have become especially popular among gambling enthusiasts. Players who have recently placed bets on Betiton casino claim they placed an aquarium with a goldfish near their devices and noticed a significant increase in their luck.

The secret of this animal might lie in its graceful movements. As the Chinese believe, even this rhythm resembles the movement of healthy chi energy. 

Feng Shui experts often debate how many goldfish to keep in an aquarium for the utmost luck, but the consensus is that there is no such thing as a bad quantity. In general, while an uneven number of goldfish attracts the lucky energy of the universe and increases your potential for prosperity, an even number of goldfish helps to maintain and multiply wealth. 

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2. Dragon


The dragon embodies unconditional harmony, wisdom, and majesty, and is considered the strongest symbol of Feng Shui. That could be because, in Eastern philosophy, life energy is born through a dragon’s breath. On the same note, dragons carrying clearly expressed energy represent personal awakening, career growth, and new beginnings. Note that red, green, and gold dragons are especially favored in Eastern culture.

For further prosperity, it’s advised to place the dragon sculpture in the east zone of the property. Yet, keep in mind that the height of its site should not exceed your height. Due to the active energy field, avoid placing the dragon sculpture in the bedroom and give preference to your workspace.

In China, it is believed that for promising upshots, it is necessary to “awaken” the dragon mascot. Don’t worry, we are not referring to black magic and the actual awakening of the dragon, but to a harmless ritual that involves putting dots on the eyes of the dragon with a new brush and ink.

It’s advisable to perform this ritual on Dragon Day, January 16, from 7 to 9 in the morning, when the animal is particularly energetic.

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3. Elephant


The ancient doctrine of Feng Shui considers the figure of an elephant as the embodiment of stability and family strength and suggests that it can bring good luck if placed on a windowsill with its trunk facing the street. The elephant sculpture is auspicious even if we place it in the south-east or north-west part of the room.

If you put a sculpture of these powerful animals or a painting with their portrayal at the entrance of the house, you will bring positive emotions to everyone who decides to visit you.

Intelligence, rationality, and self-confidence characterized by elephants significantly improve work efficiency and effectively reduce unforeseen expenses. This means that if you have concentration difficulties or financial planning dilemmas, positioning an elephant talisman in your workspace will undoubtedly have a positive effect.

4. Frog


If you visit Feng Shui shops, you will find that most of them offer customers a sculpture of a three-legged frog with a coin in its mouth. This represents wealth that comes completely unexpectedly from an unknown, abundant source.

Do you know which frog sculpture to choose for the utmost benefit? The one who will be sitting on a pile of coins or will have a Chinese coin in its mouth and its back will be decorated with hieroglyphs.

For great success and financial well-being, it is advisable to place the frog at the entrance of the house, although if you place it on the window, keep in mind that it should face the room to bring your property and financial prosperity into your home from outside sources.

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5. Turtle


The turtle represents wisdom, longevity, progress, tireless work, and a decent income. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that it is the Feng Shui animal we couldn’t complete our list without. When choosing the color of the talisman, it is advised to give preference to bronze, silver, or gold, but in any case, place the turtle in the northern part of the room, along with plants or a small bowl full of water.

While a single turtle provides personal luck, professional success, and stable maintenance of a positive level of life, the abundance of turtles represents the prosperity of generations and is especially suitable for families where several generations live together.

Final Thoughts

We’ve just covered 5 lucky animals according to Feng Shui but actually, the list of Feng Shui animals that bring luck and prosperity is as diverse as the ancient Chinese science of life itself. So, before making a choice, take a close look at the advantages of each animal and decide which aspect of life you wish to improve based on your inner preferences. 

All we have left on this note is to wish you good luck in establishing a harmonious interconnection with the universe!

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