Essential Tips For Horse Enthusiasts

5 Essential Tips For Horse Enthusiasts to Become a Better Rider

Are you impressed by horses and would love to learn as much about those beloved animals as possible? Or maybe you’re thinking of getting one to start horse riding for the first time in your life.

Before you make such an important decision, you’re probably looking for some expert tips to get to know these animals and identify the potential joys and complexities of being a horse enthusiast. 

Whether you’re an experienced rider, a future horse wonder, or simply a fan of these creatures, you should keep reading if you want to explore 5 essential tips every horse enthusiast should know about.

1. Familiarize yourself with the horse

Horse Riding

Just like people, each horse is different. Some of them may be outgoing and eager for adventure. Others may be a bit more shy and require some time before they warm up. That’s why you need to understand their characteristics, personality, and behavior in the first place.

For this, you, as a horse enthusiast, should observe their behavior in different scenarios, such as feeding, grooming, or riding. For example, sometimes they might refuse to ride because they’re in a bad mood but other times, they might be injured or have other common forms of lameness. In either case, familiarizing yourself with the horse will help you understand their needs. That way, they’ll trust you more easily as well.

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2. Don’t forget to greet them

Did you know that communicating with animals can decrease your stress levels? The same applies to horses. Therefore, greeting is a great way to build an emotional bond with a horse. Horses are alive, right? They are not means of transport and we can’t control their behaviors. Since we usually greet every individual before interacting with them, we should also greet horses.

But greeting them isn’t the same as with people. In their case, a gentle pat or a soft word is enough to let the horse know you’re there and that your intentions are friendly.

3. Wear appropriate riding gear

Horse Riding on beach

Every horse enthusiast knows that while sitting on a horse, we require specific clothes and gear. But interestingly, things that you wear shouldn’t be adapted only to your comfort and preferences. Instead, you should make sure that your horse “likes” what you wear. It turns out that some types of accessories can distract horses, cause discomfort, and sometimes even scare them.

For example, sharp objects in the wrong place could harm your horse. As a result, they might lose balance. Also, wearing the right kind of boots will protect your feet first of all. But it will ensure that your cues to the horse are clear as well.

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4. Be gentle and relax while riding

Beginners often imagine fast ridinglike jockeys and believe that that’s the best way to ride their horses. But actually, it’s more important for horse riders to learn how to sit comfortably instead of thinking about the pace. The first thing you should master is to be gentle in all your interactions. 

The reason is that horses are sensitive to the emotions and tensions of people around them. Sometimes they even sense and mirror their rider’s emotions or attitudes. This means that if you show anger, they might respond in a furious manner. And not surprisingly, a furious horse is difficult to manage. 

However, if you show calmness and patience, they’ll respond in the same way and that way, you can ensure a smooth and relaxed ride. Most importantly, only in those states are horses ready to learn new moves and be cooperative.

5. Continue working on your friendly bond

Horse Riding Enthusiasts

Finally, it would be nice if you considered every interaction with your horse an opportunity to get closer to them emotionally (not to mention that you’re also improving your riding skills). In order to embrace this, try to be curious and open to new methods of training, care, and communication. The best way to become friends with your horse is to learn all about their nature, health, and well-being. During this process, you will become a better and better horse enthusiast who knows how to take care of their animal.

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One of the most enjoyable parts of horse riding is the process of learning the language of horses and getting close to nature around you. Realizing this will help you overcome challenges together and enjoy every moment you spend with your horse.

Final Thoughts

Once you are aware of all the tips we’ve just shared for horse enthusiasts, you’re ready to make the most of your role as a caretaker, companion, and rider. As a final note, remember that the secret to effectively riding your horse is to respect your animal as a unique creature and be patient while learning and adapting to each other’s styles and personalities.

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