All About Bats


Often mistaken for birds and as with most mysterious creatures, associated with a lot of misconceptions, superstition and of course, evil, bats are ordinary mammals made extraordinary by being the only mammal capable of true flight. Bats, also known as flying foxes, belong to the Chiroptera order, the second largest group of mammals. Around 1100 … Read more

Vampire Bats: What You Don’t Know!

Vampire Bat

Vampire bats are one of the main reasons why people are not only scared of bats but why bats have gotten a bad reputation over the years.  One of the main things that you need to understand about vampire bats is that they do not usually attack humans.  Vampire bats would much rather feed off … Read more

What Do Bats Eat?

Pipistrelle Bat Being Fed a Grasshopper With Forceps

Bats have been portrayed in pop culture as dangerous, blood-sucking creatures since Bram Stoker’s Dracula turned into one in the pages of the immortal novel. But this misconception about bats is just that, a misconception. Animal lovers know that bats are just innocent [simple_tooltip content=’warm-blooded animals with fur or hair who give birth to live … Read more

The Silver-Haired Bat

Silver Haired Bat

The Silver Haired Bat, otherwise known as Lasionycteris Noctivagans, is one of the most common bats in North America. It is most abundant in areas of Canada and the United States that have a lot of forests. It is medium in size and they typically weigh between nine and twelve grams. Most of these bats … Read more

Types of Bats


Bats, otherwise called flying foxes are mammals that are able to fly. They fit in the Chiropteran order as the mammals of the second largest group. The experts account for approximately 1100 bats types the world over. You do not see them in the Polar Region, since they prefer warm climates. 70% of them live … Read more

The Pallid Bat


The Pallid Bat (Antrozous Pallidus) is a very large bat. As its name implies, it is pale in color, with yellow and brown tones. Even its ears are large, at two and a half centimeters. They are wide as well, not to mention naked, with nine to eleven lines crossing them in a transversal pattern. … Read more

The Seminole Bat

The Seminole Bat

Lasiurus Seminolus, better known as the Seminole bat, is medium in size.  It is dark in color, characterized by brown fur that is the color of deep, rich mahogany.  However, its appearance is not dark, due to frosted tips that give these bats a distinctly red, almost maroon, color. That is what makes them different from … Read more

The Long Eared Bats

Long Eared Bats

Myotis Septentrionalis, better known simply as the Northern Long-eared Bat is located in different parts of the eastern portion of the United States, as long as they are heavily forested.  However, despite their wide distribution, they are also quite sparse.  There are many forested regions of Canada where you can find the Northern Long-eared Bat … Read more

The Long Legged Bat

Long Legged Bat

As their name implies, Long-legged bats, the Myotis Volans, are fairly long bats.  Their tails are long, their ears are short, and they have big feet as well.  Surprisingly, given that they are known specifically as long-legged bats, the length of their legs is not readily known.  However, all of their other measurements have been … Read more

The Little Brown Bat

Little Brown Bat

Have you heard about the Big Brown Bat?  Well, now it is time to discuss the Little Brown Bat, which is also known, scientifically, as Myotis Lucifugus. Although these bats are qualified as being medium in size, they really are small compared to most of their brethren. They only measure four inches long on average and their … Read more

Save the Bats


Of the 900 species of bats in the world, only 45 of them live in the United States, and most of these species are quite localized, such as the Indiana bats that only use nine caves in Indiana to hibernate in during the winter months. Of those 45 species of American bats, seven of them … Read more

The Gray Bat: It’s Beautiful

Gray Bats

There are many things about the gray bat that people do not know and we’ll explore some facts here. The gray bat is one of the largest species of the Myotis group and generally speaking, this beautiful creature tends to stick to the eastern United States.  Places like Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, … Read more