5 Best Books on Lizards – A Guide for Reptile Enthusiasts

5 Best Books on Lizards

Reading books about lizards is a simple and convenient way to find out interesting facts and insights about these reptiles. It’s true that today you can find anything on the internet, but reading illustrated books is a completely different experience for people who admire exploring nature.  Parents especially want their children to read books in … Read more

Gargoyle Gecko – A Beautiful Masterpiece of Reptiles Realm

Gargoyle Gecko in hand

Have you ever wondered what secrets nature incorporates into its works of art? If so, you should explore the fascinating world of reptiles to learn thrilling facts about gargoyle geckos! These New Caledonian creatures are a tapestry of vivid hues and sophisticated designs that evoke ancient structures. They entice reptile novices and enthusiasts alike with … Read more

Snakes in Thailand In The Land Of Smiles

Snakes in Thailand In The Land Of Smiles

Did you know that the famed Land of Smiles and the home of muay thai, offering the attractions of picturesque beaches and golden-glittering Buddhist temples, might also be home to an abundance of snakes? If not, you have come to the proper site to gain knowledge about every unique feature of snakes in Thailand.    Featuring … Read more

22 Types of Chameleons Found Around The World

types of chameleons

Chameleons have dwelled this world for some time now, the oldest of their fossils dating back 60 million years during the Paleocene period. Scientists have decided to call this first ever discovered species Anqingosaurus Brevicephalus. Since then, they have evolved into over 150 different types of chameleons that still exist in the world today. With … Read more

The Biggest Turtle In The World – Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know

The Biggest Turtle In The World

Turtles are mesmerizing creatures, which is why they have been incorporated into legend, tradition, art, and popular culture. Due to their longevity and knowledge, they are sacred animals in many cultures. Depending on the genus, the shelled lizards can range greatly in size and form. Turtles are known as gentle giants all over the world, … Read more

Bearded Dragon Lifespan In The Wild & Captivity

Bearded Dragon Lifespan In The Wild & Captivity

One of the most common reptilian companions in the world is the Bearded Dragon. They are amiable, inquisitive, and manageable. How long do they survive, though? What influences their longevity, also?  Bearded dragons have become a popular choice among reptile owners because they make entertaining and loving companions. These scaly little guys are not only … Read more

Smallest Aquatic Turtles In The World

smallest aquatic turtles

Turtles are some of the world’s oldest creatures, first showing up in our fossil records around 230 million years ago, though many scientists believe they could have existed long before that. In fact, some believe they date as far back as 300 million years during the Carboniferous period. Turtles were much, much different back then. … Read more