5 Best Books on Lizards

5 Best Books on Lizards – A Guide for Reptile Enthusiasts

Reading books about lizards is a simple and convenient way to find out interesting facts and insights about these reptiles. It’s true that today you can find anything on the internet, but reading illustrated books is a completely different experience for people who admire exploring nature. 

Parents especially want their children to read books in order to get to know nature and satisfy their curiosity. For this purpose, we’ve gathered 5 best books on lizards that are interesting, informative, and simple for readers of any age.

Best Books On Lizards

1. Lizards: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity

Lizards: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity

The first book we’re going to recommend is “Lizards: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity” by Eric R. Pianka and Laurie J. Vitt. This book contains scientific, up-to-date information about lizards and their behavior, characteristics, and habitat. Therefore, it’s especially suitable for people who want to explore this animal or schoolchildren who are preparing projects on its evolution. 

The book features colorful photographs of lizards and their stages of evolution, which can be used in various projects. However, since the language of this book isn’t easy, you might need some help with using complex concepts in a proper way. In this case, we recommend using professional essay writing services that can take your essay on lizards or any other topic to the next level.

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2. The Lizard Book: Interesting Facts About Lizards

The Lizard Book: Interesting Facts About Lizards

This book falls under the same category — informative books that comprehensively review facts about lizards, their habitats, and the reptile family in general. The author of this book is Eddie Alfaro, who has plenty of other books about animals and history, including coloring books. The thing that differentiates his books is the graphic illustrations he creates himself.

Considering that the language of this book is easy to read and the length of it is just 51 pages, it’s easily digestible for children who are interested in nature. Even though this book is less known compared to other books on our list, it’s worth your time and money if you want to explore interesting facts about lizards or other magnificent animals in a simple and convenient way. 

3. Chameleon Wore Chartreuse

Chameleon Wore Chartreuse

Other than factual information and scientific facts, you can also read some fiction books about lizards. Among them, “Chameleon Wore Chartreuse” by Bruce Hale is our favorite. This book has a playful plot with the main character, Chet Gecko, who is up to solving the crime. The book is only 128 pages long and the language is suitable for kids aged 6-12

The book was published in 2001. Even today, it’s one of the user’s favorites in the genres of animals and fiction. Its heartwarming, amusing, and intriguing plot can easily inspire your children and make them want to read more. And if that’s the case, we recommend checking out more books from the author, Bruce Hale, who has written a series of animal-themed mysteries for children. 

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4. Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles

Joan Procter is a real-life woman who’s known as a herpetologist and became famous for her work on reptiles. Based on the personality of this British zoologist, Patricia Valdez and​ Felicita Sala wrote a children’s book in 2018, which is a great way for parents who want to introduce their kids to the reptile world.

‘Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor’ is suitable for kids aged 4-8. It tells the story of a girl who became friends with reptiles in childhood and even took a crocodile to school once. Chances are that kids will find this story amusing and maybe even get interested in the wild world around them.

5. Like a Lizard

Like a Lizard

And the final book we’re about to introduce is ‘Like a Lizard’ by April Pulley Sayre. This time it’s neither science nor fiction but a poetic book that tells how amazing lizards are with their climbing skills, ability to shed their skin, and other behavioral habits. The book features beautiful illustrations by Stephanie Laberis and simple text that rhymes, which makes it even more appealing for kids.

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In ‘Like a Lizard’, the author discusses 28 different species of lizards, including the gecko, the flying dragon, the shingle back, the basilisk, and many more. The simple and playful language used in the book will indeed make children fall in love with these amazing creatures. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have not just one but five amazing books that can be used by parents and educators to introduce children to the natural world. The scientific facts, stunning graphics, impressive plots and characters, as well as amusing lyrics, are ideal to interest your children in reptiles and guide them to learn more about nature. That’s how you can invest in your children’s education without overwhelming them. Most importantly, reading any of these best books about lizards is an amazing way to turn learning into an exciting experience for them.

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