Cute Snakes That Will Change Your Mind About Serpents

Cute Snakes That Will Change Your Mind About Serpents

Are you one of those people who thinks all snakes are scary and dangerous? Well, think again! 

Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of cute snakes out there that you could end up wanting to keep as a pet. But before you do, you should find out everything there is to know about these adorable serpents, including their special traits and how to take care of them.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most appealing and cute snakes you’ve ever seen. So, get ready to fall in love with these cute and captivating creatures!

10 Cutest Snakes You May Not Know Existed

1. Eyelash Viper

Eyelash Viper

The eyelash viper, a member of the Viperidae family, is a true beauty and one of the so-called “cute snakes.” These slim snakes are available in an infinite variety of hues, including gray, yellow, tan, red, green, and brown. Their bodies can be striped or diamond-patterned, and the distinctive colors only permeate these patterns. The eyelashes on these snakes, nevertheless, are unquestionably their most distinctive physical feature.

Surprisingly, these eyelashes are scales along the viper’s head, not really eyelashes. The eyelashes don’t seem to have any function, and some breeds have more of them than others. No matter what, these snakes have distinctive eyelashes and snub noses. 

The eyelash vipers are rather cute snakes when combined with unusual colors and patterns (as long as you don’t get bitten!).

2. African Ball Python

African Ball Python

These cute snakes are most well-known for their adorable habit of balling themselves up. These magnificent serpents, often known as royal pythons, are indigenous to Central and West Africa, where they live in shrublands and grasslands.

Although it is rated as Least Concern on lists of conservation status, it is nevertheless in danger from hunters who want to kill it for its flesh and the global pet trade. It is recommended to get a captive-bred ball python for this reason. Additionally, this will guarantee that your pet is prepared to live in captivity. When freshly captured from the wild, many snakes struggle to adjust to their new surroundings. 

Being able to escape predators by rolling up into a ball is a practical trait that merits a spot on our list. African ball pythons are not particularly small, yet they are nevertheless cute snakes despite their average length of 3 to 4 feet.

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3. Garter Snake

Garter Snake

There’s no need to freak out just because you have a Garter Snake on your property at the moment. The Garter Snake is a prized wild snake that is well-known for its slim physique and capacity to eradicate pests outdoors. Being cute snakes, they might be kept as pets, but most of the time they want to be left alone in your yard.

Except for the enormous Garter Snake, the typical length of these garter snakes is between 1 and 3 feet. Although they can grow to a length of 4 feet, this slender-bodied snake is nonetheless rather attractive and extremely charming.

4. California Kingsnake

California Kingsnake

Consider the California kingsnake if you’re not interested in adopting a poisonous snake like the eyelash viper. In the context of pet snakes, these non-venomous reptiles are exceptionally well-liked, sociable, and simple to care for. Additionally, they come in a range of hues and designs, making them a really adorable snake to possess.

The California kingsnake is one of the cute snakes thanks to its huge eyes and adorable rounded snout. They also live an average of 20 to 30 years and reach a reasonable length of 3 to 4 feet. A great place to start if you want to adopt a snake is with a California kingsnake.

5. Bimini Blindsnakes

Bimini Blindsnakes

Numerous different types of blind snakes plow the earth with their tiny burrowing noses. They all have the same characteristic of being extremely small. In terms of appearance, they frequently resemble earthworms. They truly are very little!

They thrive in damp soil and are commonly discovered in garden flower pots; therefore, “flowerpot” is their popular name.” More than 300 species of the blind snake family exist, some of which are known as thread snakes. If you think back, you will recall that the Barbados thread snake is the tiniest snake in the world. The world’s longest blind snake may grow to over 3 feet in length, which is enormous for the family of blind snakes but ordinary generally.

The upper or lower jaws of those cute snakes are the only parts of their bodies with teeth, and they occasionally dissect their food before swallowing it. They also lose their skin in rings, rather than all at once. This is because they are just too small to consume many prey creatures intact, as you would have imagined.

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6. Corn Snake

Corn Snake

The corn snake is yet another adorable snake and the ideal first snake for anyone seeking to adopt one of these cute snakes. This non-venomous reptile enjoys contact with people and handling. It also never gets very big, and they have tiny heads with big, cute eyes. What’s the finest feature of corn snakes? They are available in an overwhelming variety of hues and designs. 

A corn snake is a great choice for those of you looking for a distinctive and beautiful pet snake because it comes in so many different varieties, and this isn’t even all of them. In reality, the corn snake’s wide range of potential mutations has been researched for its genetic advantages and use in genome research.

7. Ringneck Snake

Ringneck Snake

Adult ringneck snakes often reach lengths of between 10 and 15 inches, and they are exceedingly light, weighing only a few grams. However, because of their distinctive and typical bright orange collar, or necklace, which rests slightly behind the skull, they are more easily distinguished from earthworms.

It’s easy to assume that these snakes are young and will develop into longer, bigger animals upon first glimpse. But that’s a misunderstanding that’s widely believed. When completely grown and mature, these snakes only reach a maximum length of 15 inches

And that is why they are among the list of very cute snakes. They are seldom thicker than a pencil, and their diet consists mostly of worms and other tiny invertebrates. To be honest, they don’t consume much else.

8. Hognose Snake

Hognose Snake

You might be able to deduce what makes the hognose snake so unique based on its name. Yes, this snake is among the prettiest in the world because of its charming, pig-like turned-up nose. In fact, the hognose snake has rapidly risen to the top of the list of snake breeds kept as pets around the globe. 

With their spherical bodies, these cute snakes are not only little and adorable, but they also come in a wide range of hues and patterns. Only a reliable snake breeder should be contacted if you want to acquire some of these variants since they are so uncommon.

If you are a novice snake keeper, keep in mind that hognose snakes frequently have complex food needs. 

9. Rose Boa

Rose Boa

The Rose Boa is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite snakes you can keep as a pet. These snakes, which are Boidae family members, come in a range of colors and patterns and rarely get big enough to intimidate the typical snake owner. These snakes’ typical captive longevity, which varies from 20 to 40 years, is another advantage. 

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Depending on their habitat or locality, rosy boas appear in a broad range of colors and patterns. A pink boa in captivity is a really adorable snake. When seen in the environment, these snakes use camouflage to fit in with their surroundings. 

The appearance of pink boas will never let you down, even if you might need to seek out some of these varieties. They stand out in any house or setting because of their spherical heads and distinctive hues. Remember that certain rosy boa variants are exceedingly rare and thus expensive to adopt as pets.

10. Pueblan Milk Snake

Pueblan Milk Snake

Due to its relatively modest size, this gorgeous milk snake, commonly known as the “Tri-color,” is wildly popular with pet shops. With a maximum height of 3 feet, they have a stunning array of red-orange colorations, ranging from peach to burned orange, as well as white and black patterns. They may survive for up to 20 years and are easy to feed.

Once used to handling, they seldom bite. They do, however, have a repulsive behavior known as “musking,” in which their smell glands emit a foul stench. They musk when they are scared or upset, but with careful treatment, incidents of musking may be minimized or even avoided.

Bottom Line

If you are prepared to assume the burden of their care, cute snakes may make wonderful pets for you. There is no denying the allure of these adorable serpents, regardless of how long you have been a snake aficionado or how recently you have begun to learn more about reptiles. So, don’t be afraid to take a closer look at a snake the next time you encounter one. You never know what you could learn about these interesting animals!

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