About Fruit Bats

Fruit Bat

Fruit bats are some of the most popular bats in the world– they are furry, cute mammals and do not inspire the fear that some people have of bats.  In this article, we will explore some fruit bat facts that you may not know about, for example, did you know that another name for a … Read more

Free Bat Clip Arts

Bat illustration

Images for you to use on your webpage, in emails, anywhere you need some bats! Save the thumbnail or click on it to save a larger view. How to Install Clip Art: Place your mouse over the image. Click on the right mouse button. A menu window will pop up. Highlight the option “Save Picture … Read more

About The Eastern Red Bats

Eastern Red Bats

Lasiurus Borealis, the Eastern Red Bat, is just about medium in size and, as the name implies, has a distinct red color (see picture). It has short ears that are broad, rounded at the tips, and slightly furry. It is very difficult to mistake the Eastern Red Bat with any other of its bat brethren. … Read more

About Evening Bats

Evening Bat

One of the most distinct features about the Evening Bat, Nycticeius Humeralis, that you may notice is that it looks almost exactly like a Brown bat. While the Evening bat is quite a bit smaller than the Big Brown bat, the glossy brown fur, black face, feet and wings give it the impression that it … Read more

Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat

Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat

There is a huge amount of information known about the Brazilian Free-Tailed bat, scientific name: Tadarida Brasiliensis.  The Brazilian Free-tailed Bat is a medium size.  It has broad ears and big feet.  Half of its tail is not attached by with wing membranes, so it’s considered a free tail thus the name. The upper part of its … Read more

The Bumblebee Bat: Do You Know What It Is?

Bumblebee Bat

There are many people who have no idea what the bumblebee bat really is or how it got its name.  Well, the name bumblebee bat is just a nickname. The real name for this beautiful bat is the Kitti’s Hog-Nosed bat, but the bumblebee bat is a better name all together as it is more … Read more

Big Brown Bats

Big Brown Bat

The Big Brown Bat, which is also referred to by its scientific name of Eptesicus Fuscus, can be found in the south of Canada, as well as in temperate areas of North America.  They are also indigenous to parts of Central and South America, as well as the West Indies.  They are no less versatile … Read more

Bats: The Best Insecticide

Micronycteris microtis

Most people don’t like bats. But most people don’t know enough about bats to like them. What comes to their minds when they think of bats are either flying rodents, rabid beasts, or blood sucking vampires in disguise. Fortunately much of this is not true. Bats can actually protect us from the most common of … Read more

Fun Bat Facts


Many people have misconceptions about bats. In this article we will explore some of those and find out how amazing facts on bats really are. The first misconception is that bats are related to the rodent family and that they are basically “flying mice”.  This is simply not true; in fact, bats are a group … Read more

Bat Houses for Sale and Their Placement

Bat House

If you have a problem with mosquitoes and other insects in your yard, you may want to consider constructing a bat house or two. Bats are one of the best ways to control insects because this is what they eat. One bat can consume up to 1,200 insects per hour. If you have a couple … Read more

What is Bat Echolocation?

Bat Echolocation Diagram

Sound Navigation And Ranging Sound Navigation and Ranging is what we normally know as an abbreviation. Yes…Sonar. It is quite interesting how these little critters have evolved to adapt to their environment, their innate abilities and rise up to the very top of the food chain in their ecosystem. What is Sonar (echolocation) Sonar uses … Read more