5 Best Nature-Themed PC Games of 2024

5 Best Nature-Themed PC Games of 2024

Nature and wildlife are some of the most common themes in all genres of games available for PCs. We rarely focus on nature-related themes while playing complicated adventure games. However, the green atmosphere, and being surrounded by animals and natural wonders, can actually help us relax and enjoy our games even more. 

That’s why we decided to gather a list of the best nature-themed games that you can play on your PC. All the games listed below feature themes from Mother Nature and therefore, they’ll make you feel calm in the process.

1. Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2

Believe it or not, the first game on our list is everyone’s favorite, CS2 (the new version of CS:GO). The main purpose of playing this game is to make the most of its strategic gameplay and adventure. But it turns out that people who are looking for ways to enjoy nature on their PCs can also have fun playing this game. 

In fact, the CS2 community has created a wide range of maps and skins inspired by nature to help players experience breathtaking natural landscapes in their games. As players claim, using these maps creates a sense of being far away from the usual industrial settings. In order to personalize your experience and create a nature-themed environment, you can trade skins fast CS2 and get gear that’s always in sync with your natural atmosphere. 

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2. Firewatch


Anyone who enjoys exploring nature and having outdoors adventures will indeed adore this game. Firewatch was created by Campo Santo in 2016 and since then, this PC game has inspired millions of people to take part in its mysterious plot. Hidden messages, Easter eggs, and environmental puzzles are just some of the elements of this nature-themed game that players find satisfying. 

Firewatch’s gameplay is focused on walking and exploring and that’s how this game leads to a deeper connection with the natural world. Once you start playing it, chances are that you’ll fall in love with its greatly written conversations on the radio and appreciate the voice acting. However, the game isn’t particularly suitable for kids. Therefore, if you’re looking for nature-themed games in order to help your kids admire nature, Firewatch might not be the best option.

3. Grounded


This one is the latest game specifically created for people who adore nature games. However, you should know that it’s almost nothing like traditional nature games. The main difference is that Grounded is set in a backyard, and creates a sense of wonder by changing the purpose of familiar objects and creatures. For instance, your mission might be to find ways to survive not from a human’s perspective but as an insect.

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As a result, players have reported changing perspectives on their backyards and everyday surroundings in general. After playing this game created by Obsidian Entertainment, you’ll probably develop a completely new perspective on the little creatures, like insects, living among us.

4. Spirit Of The North

Spirit Of The North

Spirit of the North is especially popular among gamers who find Iceland and other northern parts of the world appealing. This game is inspired by Iceland’s nature and wild beauty. Interestingly, the main character is the spirit fox, which has a specific symbolic significance in the game. We aren’t going to spoil your experience by explaining its meaning, but we will tell you that the game’s atmosphere and themes will inspire and appeal to your natural needs.

The game was first released in 2019 and now its second part is already available. Players usually need about 5–7 hours to complete this game and even though you might not consider nature games as hard as other genres, players often say that Spirit of the North turned out to be harder than they initially expected.

5. Green Hell

Green Hell

And before we discuss the final game on our list, you’ve probably guessed by its name that Green Hell is a favorite game for users who enjoy horror as much as wildlife. The game was developed by Creepy Jar in 2019 and we can say that it’s the most realistic of all the games we’ve discussed. The aim of players in this game is to avoid dangers from wildlife and survive parasites that they find along the way. 

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Perhaps not surprisingly, the story is set in a jungle where Indigenous people live. These local people don’t actually enjoy the presence of the main character and therefore, other than the parasites, you’ll also have to defeat the locals.

Bottom Line

As you can see, game developers almost always try to include some details about wildlife in their games. Even if you haven’t noticed the relaxing nature, animals, insects, or other characters that are actually integral parts of some famous games such as CS2, now you have the chance to notice and appreciate the nature around your characters while playing your favorite games. 

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