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17 Animal-Themed Writing Prompts For Kids

Children like writing about animals. Therefore, if you’re seeking the greatest writing prompts and plot ideas, an animal theme might be the best possible option. 

For this purpose, we’ve gathered our favorite animal-themed writing prompts that will definitely spark some clever writing in your students or children. These prompts provide the perfect opportunity for kids to explore their imaginations and come up with some truly unique and entertaining tales. 

Why Are Those Writing Prompts Useful?

We can’t deny that kids can be fascinated and captivated by an animal like few other things can. Therefore, child development professionals often recommend guiding kids to write about animals, as it can have several benefits beyond just developing writing skills.

In particular, according to professional essay writers from, using specific prompts is a great way to provide a clear topic and direction for the writing. This can ultimately lead to improved writing skills and higher-quality writing.

Moreover, writing about animals can help kids learn more about the natural world and foster an appreciation for the environment and wildlife. It can also help children develop empathy and compassion towards animals, as they may need to put themselves in the animal’s shoes to write from its perspective. 

One of the great things about writing prompts is that there is no right or wrong way to use them. Simply choose a prompt, provide a quick direction, and let your child’s imagination run wild. They can choose their favorite prompt and write as much as they like, or you can set a timer and challenge them to write a story within a certain time frame.

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17 Animal-Themed Writing Prompts for Children

  1. Most people prefer one kind of animal over others. Which animal is your favorite? Why do you like it so much?
  1. Describe a bird, an insect, or an animal about which you feel strongly. Choose, for instance, a story that makes you laugh, cry, or think. Do enough research on the animal to be able to thoroughly describe it. 
  1. Think of yourself like a turtle swimming in the sea. What do you feel? What do you see around?
  1. Pick an animal that is in danger or endangered. Write an essay summarizing the need to protect this species and what we can do to assist.
  1. Write a narrative about a zookeeper’s typical day. What duties does a zookeeper carry out, and how does he or she take care of the creatures under his or her care?
  1. You arrive home from school one day earlier than normal. And you are speechless Because your dog is typing on the computer rather than lying on his dog bed! What happens next?
  1. You have to leave your pet with a friend while you are away on vacation. Make a list of the duties your buddy must perform in order to care for your pet.
  1. Make up a tale about a mystical animal that has the power to fulfill wishes. What sort of wishes does this creature give, and what happens when humans utilize them?
  1. Imagine finding yourself transformed into an animal when you woke up one day! What experiences would you have if you were an animal?
  1. Pick a species of animal you are unfamiliar with. Do a little research and write a report about this animal based on your study, making sure to include details about its habitat, nutrition, and behavior.
  1. Consider having any animal as a pet. What sort of adventures would you have with the animal of your choice?
  1. You are a bug. Say what kind of insect you are, then describe a normal day. How do you handle any threats you come across?
  1. You recently found a dog or kitten in your front yard alone. Explain in writing why you want to keep it and why your parents should let you have it in a letter to them. Include what would you do to care for it, as well as how you would make the money necessary for food and veterinary expenses.
  1. Write a paper about an animal that you despise. Why are you not fond of it? Have you ever met that animal? Could you possibly come to enjoy it?
  1. Elephants have long trunks, giraffes have long necks, and zebras have stripes. Write a narrative describing how one of these creatures came to have its peculiar attributes.
  1. Think of the two distinct animal species. Combine the bodies of the two with the heads of both. What kind of animal do you have now? What intriguing things is he capable of?
  1. You get to become a dog. Would you rather be a large dog like a German Shepherd, Labrador, or Golden Retriever? Or would you rather be a terrier, a beagle, or a dachshund-cute, cuddly lap dog? What drove you to choose what you did?
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Bottom Line

Above, we introduced some of the most interesting and inspirational animal-themed writing prompts for kids. All the prompts that we’ve offered are a fantastic approach to inspiring your child or student to consider the world from the perspective of an animal. They will not only gain knowledge about the local wildlife but also be inspired to write imaginatively. We hope that these prompts will inspire your children to write with imagination and enthusiasm!

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