Catchy Monkey Names & Meanings Behind Their Origin

Monkey Names & Meanings Behind Their Origin

Choosing a proper name for your cart isn’t as easy as it may seem for those who own monkeys as pets. You probably want to give them either a name with an interesting history and meaning behind it or something playful that will reflect their distinct characteristics. In both cases, monkey names are hard to come by since the names we give our pets frequently dictate their social standing. 

Luckily, we’ve gathered plenty of monkey names that can make people think of your monkey either as a curious, lively, and amusing animal or as a unique companion whose name has a deeper significance. Let’s find out about these exceptional name options, what they signify, and how appropriate they can be for your furry friend. 

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List of 6 Popular Monkey Names

1. Albert

Have you heard about Albert the Monkey, the first monkey who was sent by space? Believe it or not, he was among the very few animals that flew in space. That’s why we assume that naming your monkey after Albert, the first monkey in space, will make you both feel honored. 

Albert the Monkey might be the reason why the name Albert often evokes associations of courage, wisdom, and curiosity. That being said, giving your monkey this name will indeed make your monkey famous in your neighborhood. Moreover, this name has the meanings of “noble” and “bright” as well. 

Telling people why you called your monkey Albert could not be more exciting or satisfying. We assure you that you’ll praise our suggestion once you see the happy looks on interested people’s faces!

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2. Marcel

One more popular name you should consider while choosing a name for your monkey pet is Marcel. Do you remember the episode called “The One with the Monkey” from the popular sitcom Friends? Even if you are not, chances are that you’re aware of a good-hearted monkey Marcel who appeared in one of the greatest comedic television shows ever. 

If your monkey features a charming and curious nature, this name will fit it perfectly. The reason is that the name Marcel is linked to a strong emotional connection that manifests love and loyalty between humans and animals. What could be better than being associated with this wonderful bond?

Marcel, the TV show monkey, surprised the characters of “Friends” with its excellent ability to perform human-like tasks like dressing and watching TV. So, who knows? Giving your monkey this name could even be a sign that it is going to make your life a truly unforgettable experience.

3. Milo

This rare name has Latin roots and signifies peace. On the other hand, in Slavic, Milo means adored, which sums up exactly how you feel about your buddy monkey. 

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This name is appropriate if you’re seeking monkey names that seem sweet and accurately reflect their pleasant demeanor because of its simplicity. Sometimes Milo is considered a male name, but don’t set boundaries in this aspect — it also can fit perfectly to your female monkey as well.

4. George

George is one of the sensible monkey names you might think about if you want references to royalty. 

This name has historical significance practically everywhere in the world, not only in a few specific nations. The name’s good connotation and widespread popularity enhance its allure and facilitate its acceptance in other languages. That’s why we consider George one of the finest monkey names ever, with its timeless appeal, classic charm, and association with well-known individuals. 

It should also be noted that the name George will add more humanity to your monkey and others will take him more seriously, which we agree will be nice.

5. Rose

Rose is a classic name with a positive and elegant connotation. Thanks to its cultural symbolism, the name Rose has been around for centuries. In general, the rose is a symbol of love, beauty, femininity, and elegance. So if your monkey comes to mind when hearing these amazing feminine qualities, then this name is undoubtedly suitable for it.

If we delve deeper into the etymology of one of these impressive monkey names, we should note that in Christian symbolism, the rose is associated with purity. As for Greek mythology, this flower is often identified with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. 

Therefore, Rose is a wonderful and timeless choice for your monkey companion! 

6. Joey

If you decide to name your monkey Joey, you’ll need to know that this name means positive, cheerful, and naturally prone to being happy. So, if your monkey radiates uplifting energy or is mischievous like the Squirrel monkey, look no further for other monkey names and opt for Joey! 

Considering that the name Joey perfectly captures the vibrant, joyful, and highly expressive qualities of all types of monkeys, we can already imagine that others in your surroundings will view your monkey as a pet with an amazing personality.

Top 6 Funny Monkey Names

1. Bingo

How does it make you feel when you pronounce Bingo? Let’s admit that the name “Bingo” seems rather sweet compared to other monkey names, and that’s probably what most people think as well. The name Bingo can also evoke feelings of excitement, particularly if you or one of your kids remember the beloved, timeless children’s song “B-I-N-G-O.”

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The best part about naming your monkey this name is that it’s brief and memorable. Training and interacting with monkeys often requires simplicity, just as it does with dogs and cats. As a result, short monkey names like Bingo will encourage efficient communication between you and your monkey.

Besides, the name Bingo isn’t associated with a specific size or shape. Therefore, it can work perfectly well for all sizes and breeds of monkeys. We recommend naming it your pet monkey if it’s small, energetic, and playful.

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2. Marvel

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the name “Marvel”? For us, it can be something related to excitement and adventure. Surprisingly, this name can be given to both female and male monkeys, as it’s considered a gender-neutral name that represents all things related to “​​wonderful”. And the thing that makes this monkey name even more exciting is that everyone will associate your monkey with superheroes from the legendary Marvel film series.

Because of this, naming your monkey after Marvel can be a wise decision that you won’t regret. Your monkey will undoubtedly be pleased with this title and it might even make him feel like a hero! Could other funny monkey names sound more intriguing than this?

3. Snowflake

Keeping a monkey as a pet is already a unique experience. But the thing that can make it even more exciting is when you call it something as sweet and amusing every day as Snowflake. Just imagine people’s reactions when they find out that this “snowflake” is a monkey after all!

People’s perceptions of your small buddy will surely be influenced by the word “snowflake” due to common associations. Snowflakes are traditionally used to characterize pets that are delicate and unique in their own right. Needless to say, the name is exceptionally suitable for Capuchin monkeys because of the color of this breed.

4. Stormy

If you want to give your monkey pet a memorable name that will intrigue people from the moment they hear it, the funny name “Stormy” may be the best option. Then allow us to present Stormy — a striking moniker perfect for anyone looking to highlight their monkey’s independence and rebellious spirit

The best part about this funny monkey name is that your furry friend doesn’t have to be enormous like a storm to give it that name. It can still perfectly work for your tiny monkey, even if it lacks a rebellious spirit and is merely a little naughty.

You know, sometimes a name can tell you a lot about personality. Therefore, you might not want a flatmate who would cause major trouble in your home, right? However, choosing to keep a monkey as a pet already indicates that you are an adventurous and challenge-loving person. That’s why we believe naming your monkey pet “Stormy” couldn’t go wrong.

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5. Crystal

Why not give your monkey the name Crystal if you’re an amusing person and want to show it in your name choice? You’ll undoubtedly agree that this name sounds great due to its symbolic significance, but only true comedy fans will be aware of its connection to the hit movie The Hangover.

Your friends will be impressed by this name linked to fun and excitement, even if you don’t live in Bangkok and your monkey isn’t a drug dealer. A surprising amount of amusement is added to the problems the protagonists experience throughout the film by Crystal, giving the film an unpredictable quality.

Life is full of surprises and you never know when you, your friends, and Crystal are going to go on an amazing journey together. 

6. Abu

If you are a fan of Disney movies and tales, then another name to consider for your monkey is Abu. Maybe you don’t remember, but Abu is one of the main characters of the internationally renowned animated film Aladdin. The name “Abu” expresses a lovely personality that combines curiosity, humor, and wonderful friendship

Thanks to the animation, this name became a symbol of devotion, expressive personality, and proneness to trouble. But this is not news, as everyone knows very well that mischief is a prevalent characteristic of monkeys.

Therefore, if you believe that your monkey shares these characteristics with this name, then stop looking for other monkey names and choose this one instead. 


Perhaps, before reading the article, you believed that choosing a name for a monkey would be a lot of fun. And it indeed is, right? But other than this amusing part, you also need to remember that choosing a proper name for your monkey pet is also a unique duty in addition to the fun it brings.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have a pet monkey or plan to adopt one in the future, we’re sure about one thing – you are an exceptional person who’s courageous enough to have a monkey right at home. So, just trust your intuition while deciding on these 12 unique monkey names and choose the most suitable one for your new friend.

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