Animals That Start With X

Animals That Start With X

Looking around and thinking carefully, we will notice that every little, even the tiniest creature around us, matters. The world is designed so that every living organism is dependent on another. There are predators and prey. Altogether, the way nature works creates the perfect balance which needs to be maintained.

In this article, we will learn about the animals that start with X. It turns out that there are actually pretty few animals that start with X. The vast majority are very rare and less known to most people. Therefore, let’s explore the creatures you never knew existed.  

Animals That Start With X



Xerus are the first creatures on our list of animals that start with X. They are native to Africa and are a species of ground squirrel. The locations where the four species of Xerus reside include Sudan and Tazmania. Those little rodents like to stay in the woodlands, rocky areas, and grasslands. They are considered to be gregarious creatures and have short, coarse fur. 

Unfortunately, people often catch them and keep them captive. However, they may last for only around 11.5 years in captivity. Those creatures have a white stripe that runs down both of their sides and along their shoulders. The tail is typically darker and flatter than the body. Typically, an animal’s tiny ears contrast with its long, curved claws. 

These creatures are nocturnal and are mostly herbivores in the wild. They frequently consume seeds, various nuts, and the roots of plants. Additionally, they can also eat eggs and even small animals.

They often prefer to reside in regions with protective cover since there are many predators in those areas. In the wild, predators such as hawks, jackals, wild cats, and snakes view them as a preferred source of food. This predation hasn’t impacted their population.

Xanthippe’s Shrew

Xanthippe’s Shrew

Xanthippe’s Shrews are fascinating animals that start with X. They are the moles that can be found in the territories of Eastern Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya. Even though they have many traits similar to rodents, they are more closely related to hedgehogs

Those little creatures like to eat plants. Yet, they also consume small animals. Their diet typically consists of worms, slugs, snails, and spiders. They have a wide range of predators and are often victims of owls, stoats, weasels, foxes, and kestrels

Even though their numbers are high today, they are suffering from habitat loss. Yet, their numbers stay stable because of their fast reproduction rate. Those little creatures’ mating period starts in April, and the gestation lasts for 25 days. In one litter, they can have a pup count of up to 4. The babies can walk around by themselves just 3 weeks after birth.

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Birds That Start With X

Xantu’s Hummingbird

Xantu’s Hummingbird

Xantus hummingbirds are hummingbirds that can be found in California and the Baja peninsula. Those animals that start with X have the back markings and a green upper part of the body. The majority of them also reside in Mexico. 

Those little birds like to consume the nectar of various flowers. The bird’s large tongue and beak are both used to suck up nectar. They also eat tiny insects that they catch with their quick wings. They are often victims of other wild animals. Reptiles, snakes, bats, and large birds are common predators of Xantus hummingbirds.

Xeme Gull

Xeme Gull

Xemes are also known as Sabine Gulls. They are the birds that typically live on the tundra and the coast of Arctic waters. However, they are also distributed in North America and Eurasia. In autumn, when the cold weather hits, those birds migrate to the south of South America and across the Atlantic waters

They are characterized by beautiful wing patterns in gray, white, and black. The adults come with gray-colored wing coverts and have primary and secondary feathers. The tail is forked and is white. 

Visuality makes them easy to spot and distinguish from other birds. The interesting thing about those birds is that they mate for life and live in pairs. When the mating season starts, the hood of the male gets darker. 

The Xeme often consumes spiders, insects, tiny fish, larvae, and eggs. Those animals that start with X have a reputation for robbing other birds’ nests of their eggs.

Those social birds spend the majority of their lives in the sea. They live in the flocks and often follow the fishing boats around. Xeme birds are very social and communicate vocally. They have squeaky, high-speech voices.



The Xenops, a member of the Ovenbird family, is one of the animals that start with X. They are typically found in the territory of Florida, Mexico, South America, and the Central part of America. There are three species that live in the wild. 

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Those creatures have small body and a long tail that is recognizable. They have a brown back, a flat bill, and striped wings. 

They prefer to live and build their nests in areas with extensive forest cover. More specifically, ants, tiny insects, and ant larvae make up their diet. They have similar traits as the woodcreepers. They move towards the trunk, and the tail is used as a prop. 

Those animals that start with X hoof it up in the woods away from predators. Snakes, big lizards, and birds of prey are typical predators. Despite this, there are still a lot of them. It is believed that the population of those birds goes up to 5 million.



The anteater and sloth families of mammals include animals that start with X-  Xenarthra. Its most widespread habitat is in Latin America. They are often found in tropical rainforests.  The Xenarthra are known for having additional joints that aid in their quest for food.

Termites and ants are two common foods in their diet. The majority of species are strictly insectivorous. Yet, some of them also consume vegetation and tiny woodland creatures. They are known for their poor metabolisms, so they do not require much food. Despite some extinct species, their numbers are stable. 

Xinjiang Ground Jay

Xinjiang Ground Jay

Xinjiang Ground Jay is a bird from the family of Corvidae. They are tiny and even fit in the human palm. Those animals that start with X are native to China. Terrestrial settings with many trees are the best environments for them because it is easy to build nests. 

The birds often consume berries, fruits, seeds, small birds, invertebrates, small mammals, and other omnivorous foods. Yet, they are also preyed on by snakes, lizards, and even large birds.

Today, not many individuals of those creatures are left in the wild. Therefore, they are classified as “near threatened.” The main threat to them is habitat loss caused by human activities.

Fish That Start With X

X-ray Tetra

X-ray Tetra

X-ray tetras are small fish typically found in South America, specifically in the Amazon river. Those little creatures come with golden hair and skin that is translucent. This fish is often found in aquariums because of its beautiful appearance. 

It is well known that X-Ray Tetra housed in tanks may swiftly go from being calm to becoming wary in the company of larger, predatory fish. This behavior is also known to occur if the school size is insufficient.

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Like other species, these fish consume plankton, worms, and tiny insects for food. Yet, they fare well against larger fish and predators such as snakes and birds. Despite this, it maintains a steady population and thrives because of its quick reproduction. A female may produce eggs in numbers of up to 400, which she buries in the seaweed.

Because of its unique and weird colorations, predators have a difficult time spotting them in the tangle of foliage and the glistening water. The albino variety of the species is currently widely distributed in artificial communities all over the world. 

Xingu Corydoras

Xingu Corydoras

Xingu Corydoras is a fish that can be found in the waters of Brazil. They like the warm waters that are located in tropical habitats. Typically, they are found on the continent of South America. Those animals that start with X are named after the river where they reside – the Xingu River

Xingu fish grow to 1.5 inches in length and do perfectly fine in temperatures between 72 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit. When they reach maturity, their bodies get a pink tinge, and their skin has brown speckles. Fish reproduction includes laying eggs in dense vegetation. An interesting fact about those strange fish is that the adults guard their eggs until they get hatched. 

Those fish are omnivores and, therefore, consume the live prey and plants at the same time. Their diet typically consists of plankton, seaweed, and worms. Unfortunately, those little fish are often the victims of snakes and large fish.

Because of their beauty and small numbers, they are important aquarium fish and are liked by collectors.

Bottom Line – Animals That Start With X

Human interaction, unfortunately, affects the balance of nature negatively. As a result, there are many animals under the threat of extinction or already extinct. In this article, we explore animals that start with X. The list includes Xingu Corydoras, X-ray Tetra, Xinjiang Ground Jay, Xenarthra, Xenops, Xeme Gull, Xantu’s Hummingbird, Xanthippe’s Shrew, and Xerus.

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