Sheep Names – 10+ Extraordinary and Funny Names

In the process of sitting comfortably on your farm and watching your sheep, you have probably thought many times that cute and unique creatures like sheep deserve a name that perfectly expresses their character and identity.

Sheep owners find it especially hard to find proper sheep names for members of their flock. But luckily, there are multiple names that can reflect their behavior and appearance.

Are you an amusing, joyful individual who prefers to have fun, or do you prefer to choose sheep as a name that you can defend with confidence? We offer a wide selection so you can discover the ideal sheep names. 

6 Smart Sheep Names

Sheep in field

1. Shaun 

Chances are you have heard of Aardman’s iconic Shaun the Sheep, the star of a British stop-motion animated silent comedy that captures hearts all around the world. 

All-time favorite children’s television series features Shaun as an adventurous sheep who, along with his friends, annoys the farm dog Bitzer. Shaun’s daily adventures add extra fun and interest to farm life. The most exciting part of the plot is that the owner of the farm does not realize anything about the adventurous life of Shaun and thinks that his sheep are completely ordinary farm animals.

That being said, maybe your sheep also show a rebellious nature when you’re not around. If you have any doubts that it also has a secret life, stop looking for other sheep names and choose Shaun. Maybe this choice will even bring new adventures to your farm!

2. Dolly

We have to move from TV series to reality, but we doubt that what we are going to tell you now will still seem like a sci-fi movie. Well, we would like to bring your attention to another widely recognized sheep named Dolly. This special sheep made history as the first mammal created by copying the DNA.

Just like Frankenstein’s creation in scientific fiction, Dolly made history. This time, it wasn’t just a fictional story but a real miracle of cloning. That’s why Dolly is among the most popular sheep names and carries a special significance. 

The name itself has British origins and it means “gift of God.” And if you perceive your sheep in that way, choosing it for your sheep will undoubtedly be a smart decision.

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3. Samuel

Whether we like it or not, not all sheep display unique behavior, and some of them are just typical, not-so-special types of animals, right? For those types of sheep, you can choose proper, normal, not-so-amusing names like Samuel (which still seems cool and is nice to pronounce, by the way). 

The name Samuel doesn’t usually provoke any particular association if you don’t know a person named Sam (or if you forgot about Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones for some reason). But this name indeed has a special meaning in Hebrew — “God has heard.”

Why is this name suitable for a sheep? Well, have you read or seen Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White?

Samuel from Charlotte’s Web is a regular sheep, not a fancy breed or anything. He’s just one of the bunch hanging out at Zuckerman’s farm. He’s not the star of the show like Charlotte the Spider, but he’s part of the story, adding to its charm. Therefore, when you are asked why your sheep is called Sameul, you will be able to pleasantly surprise curious people with this reference from the classic children’s novel.

4. Montauciel

Even if you don’t originate from France, you are probably aware of the story of a flying sheep called Montauciele. Montauciele went on a wild adventure and decided to fly in a hot air balloon with the help of a duck and a rooster.

Hot air balloons aren’t a big deal now, but can you imagine how surprising this could be in the 18th century? Especially considering that Montauciel and his friends were the pioneers of flying by hot air balloon. With this story in mind, you won’t be surprised that the meaning of this name is “Climb-to-the-Sky”.

So, if you name your sheep after this great adventurer, every time you and your neighbors look up at the sky and see a balloon floating by, you will remember not only that French Montauciele but also your dear sheep.

5. Shrek

There’s a tiny probability that you overlooked Shrek the sheep, the internet’s real celebrity, who was covered in so much wool that it was difficult for him to walk. 

Shrek’s fascinating tale started in 2004 when it became lost and spent the next six years living on its own in a cave. If you’re wondering why Shrek has never been located, it’s because he was among 17,000 sheep in a flock! 

This narrative is both humorous and depressing at the same time, but what matters most is that it ended happily and Shrek went on to become a well-known sheep who represents freedom and a spirit of rebellion. That is why we are sure that bearing his name will also make your sheep happy.

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6. Methuselina

sheep in field

Methuselina is another extraordinary sheep on our list! Don’t let this challenging pronunciation fool you, though. This name can be the one you are searching for in your beloved sheep. While most sheep live for about 10 to 12 years, she exceeded all the expectations. She made a record and lived for 25 years and 11 months.

Yes, Methuselina is the name of the longest-living sheep in the world. And if you’re worried about the lifespan of your sheep, maybe giving it this name may even expand its lifespan just like the original Methuselina. Isn’t this what every pet owner dreams of?

6 Funny Sheep Names 

After the smart names, it’s time to have some fun and start the list with one of the funniest sheep names. Here are 6 of our favorites:

1. Lady Baba

There is no doubt that “Lady Baba” is a super cool name for a female sheep, especially if you’re a big Lady Gaga fan. 

Even though people often prefer short, one-word sheep names, especially when they’re picking something funny, if you’re into that Gaga vibe and have a good sense of humor, Lady Baba will still perfectly work. Just imagine introducing your Lady Baba to other farmers – chances are that they will throw their heads back and laugh loudly.

2. Popcorn

When we think of popcorn, the smell of corn comes to mind, but why refuse to let that word bring people to mind, along with its well-known association? At least, not a single name on this list of funny sheep names can express your sheep’s visual and personality traits, just like the name Popcorn. 

Roundness, whiteness, and fluffiness are all the common characteristics that make your sheep look like popcorn. This means that you already have sufficient reasons to look at no further options of sheep names and opt for Popcorn! 

3. Snowball

sheep on grass

Are you looking for a simple and charming name that best suits your playful companion’s temperament? 

Then Snowball is one of the reasonable sheep names for your wooly companion. We’re sure your kids will especially love the name Snowball because it sounds friendly and will easily evoke delightful memories of winter and snow. 

Naming your sheep Snowball is like giving it a wonderful and fun identity that perfectly matches its appearance. Your beloved sheep will be Snowball, made with fluffy white wool.

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4. Cotton Candy 

Finding someone who doesn’t enjoy cotton candy is difficult. Especially if you’re a millennial,  these candies are probably connected to your most cheerful childhood memories.  

This one from our list of the funniest sheep names will be like giving your sheep a sweet personality that everyone will adore! Whether your sheep is munching on grass or getting all cuddly, the name Cotton Candy makes it feel like a fluffy, fun friend everyone would want to hang out with.

Another reason why we consider Cotton Candy a suitable name for a fluffy sheep is that sheep, in general, are thought of as being a little childish and innocent.

5. Panda

You’ll rarely meet a person who isn’t captivated by a panda’s cuteness and fun behavior, so naming your sheep Panda will be all the more awesome! 

It’s hard to find similarities between sheep and pandas at first glance. But if you think about it, they have some particular behaviors and habits in common. For example, they both love to sleep and munch peacefully. We can even witness some similarities in their appearance as they’re both black and white. 

We find it hilarious to imagine the way you’re explaining to your co-workers why you chose this name. It will be no less fun to observe your sheep with your friends and discover its resemblance to a panda.

6. Skittles 

The joy of your children will have no bounds when they find out that your sheep is named after a candy known as Skittles. The reason behind that is that children often enjoy observing known associations, and a sheep named Skittles will undoubtedly fit that criteria. 

One of these funniest sheep names is an ideal blend of familiar and fun elements that can make them laugh and giggle. 

Even older generations know that Skittles are delightful, colorful candies. Therefore, imagining a sheep with that name will unquestionably make a playful impression, even among your friends and colleagues.


Having so many exceptional sheep names in the article might confuse you, but that’s okay! At least the list of possible names has narrowed down considerably and now you know the outline of the sheep names you are likely to choose for your fluffy companion! 

Don’t feel that you need to rush to find the perfect one – it can take time to learn about your sheep and what name would be fitting for it. We’re sure that calling either of these clever or funny names to your sheep will be a pleasant daily experience that will boost your mind!

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