5 Most Dangerous Animals in Georgia

5 Most Dangerous Animals in Georgia

The Caucasus Mountains are famous for their wildlife and biodiversity. Animals like the lynx, Caucasian brown bear, red deer, Caucasian ibex, and Asiatic wildcat are natural parts of this ecosystem. While many of these beautiful animals aren’t harmful to human beings, if you’re planning your next trip to Georgia (and especially in the mountains), you should be aware of certain species that pose significant risks to humans.

In this article, we’ll review the 5 most dangerous animals in Georgia that you can encounter in Georgian wildlife. 

Dangerous Animals in Georgia

1. Caucasus Viper

Caucasus Viper

If you encounter venomous snakes in dry places in Georgia, like scrublands or rocky outcrops, you should know that it’s nothing unusual. The reason is that there are numerous species of vipers and cobras in Georgia and not all of them are poisonous. However, that doesn’t apply to the Caucasus viper, which is indeed one of the most dangerous animals in Georgia. This viper is known as Kaznakov’s viper and is a black snake that has very potent venom. 

In order to avoid getting bitten, the most important rule is to keep a safe distance whenever you notice this snake. Besides, don’t make them feel threatened, because that’s exactly when they bite. Still, if you get bitten by a Caucasus viper, you need to get medical help immediately. That’s why we recommend being financially prepared for such dangerous situations. If you’re wondering how, you can check out this Payday Depot and see how you can deal with this or other financial emergencies.

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2. European Bison

European Bison

We often associate danger with big animals, such as bears and alligators. In the case of Georgia, this can’t be more accurate, considering the size of a common animal in Georgian wildlife – European bison. Interestingly, the IUCN Red List has declared this species extinct. However, it turns out that this animal is more or less common in the Caucasus mountains. 

Not only in Georgia, but this animal is one of the largest mammals on the entire continent. Since they prefer colder climates, they can encounter European bison high in the mountains or across northern areas of the country, close to Russia’s border. A typical bison in Georgia weighs as much as 2200 pounds, which is no wonder why they look so dangerous.

3. Centipedes


Unlike snakes and wild mammals, sometimes a small species, such as centipedes, can pose a serious threat to humans. Centipedes are multi-legged, colorful creatures that usually have venomous claws. In Georgia, they tend to live in humid areas, such as rocks or leaves. Therefore, chances are higher that you can find centipedes in the western parts of Georgia, where the climate is more moist because of the Black Sea.

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Generally, the specific species of centipedes that are common in Georgia aren’t considered deadly to humans. However, you should still be aware that sometimes they still inject venom into their prey. So, if you encounter this creature, be careful and don’t threaten it in order to avoid getting beaten.

4. Eurasian Brown Bear

Eurasian Brown Bear

Considering that Georgia is full of uninhabited forests and mountains, it’s a perfect habitat for the Eurasian Brown Bear. Although this animal was considered extinct not so long ago, in recent years, the number of Eurasian brown bears has started to grow, and currently, Georgia is one of the countries where this species is making a comeback. 

In general, an Eurasian brown bear has a dangerous reputation. However, it almost never attacks humans unless they provoke it. An example of this type of provocation can be attacking their cubs, which means that their attacks are usually defensive and not predatory.

5. Eurasian Wolf

Eurasian Wolf

Did you know that the wolf is a symbol of the Georgian people? If you’re not aware of Georgian culture, you may find this fact a bit odd. But the truth is that the wolf is an unofficial animal of Georgia that represents the resilience and courage of native people. Therefore, Georgians may even describe a wolf as a symbol of their national pride. But be careful, because this doesn’t mean that the Eurasian wolf, which is common in the Georgian mountains, isn’t dangerous.

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On the contrary, there have been some deadly encounters between humans and wolves in Georgia. We have to admit that such incidents are rare because wolves are generally afraid of humans. Nevertheless, they do pose a threat under certain circumstances and that’s why you should be extremely careful while hiking in the mountains of Georgia.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, even though the wildlife of Georgia is full of dangerous mammals, insects, and other species, you can still enjoy hiking in various places in this country if you’re careful enough. But if you’re looking for something less dangerous and more subtropical, we suggest exploring south – Georgia’s subtropical climate. That way, you can enjoy Georgian nature without worrying too much about meeting dangerous animals.

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