Top 5 Best Games for Nature and Animal Enthusiasts

Top 5 Best Games for Nature and Animal Enthusiasts

Some people just can’t get enough of taking a walk in nature, hiking through mountains, and observing the beautiful flora and fauna around them that our planet has to offer.

If you’re among those passionate nature enthusiasts who don’t always get the chance to immerse themselves in mountains and forests, maybe you can feel the positive impact of nature through gaming whilst honing your reactions and skills for poker tournaments

Below, we’ve prepared a list of 5 nature-themed games that will help animal lovers satisfy their instincts in an interactive way.

1. Wingspan


The first game on our list will especially appeal to bird lovers. It’s a board game that includes detailed illustrations of birds of all kinds. Players in this game have different roles related to birds, such as researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors. Therefore, Wingspan is a great educational game where you can find out fascinating facts about birds. 

On the other hand, being educational isn’t the only reason why adults enjoy playing this game. In fact, Wingspan is especially suitable for nature enthusiasts who appreciate the strategic aspect of games such as table games.

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2. Everdell


Everdell is another nature-related game that leads to a similar type of excitement as Wingspan. The basic idea of this board game is to build and govern your own woodland city. As you probably guessed, it’s a worker placement game that involves gathering resources, constructing buildings, and hosting lively events for the critter citizens. The game requires about 40-80 minutes and as a nature lover, you’ll surely like its thematic beauty.

3. A Short Hike

A Short Hike

If the complexity of board games seems a bit overwhelming for you, then it’s time to switch to a nature-themed video game — A Short Hike. This game invites players to the fictional Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Let’s admit it: every nature lover has dreamt of being a bird and flying across picturesque landscapes. Well, this video game allows you to make this dream come true because here, you can be a bird who aims to reach the summit of Hawk Peak.

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4. Haven Park

Haven Park

Once you finish playing “A Short Hike”, you might have a feeling that you want to stay a little longer in digital nature. If that’s the case, “Haven Park” is indeed the best possible game you can continue with. Some people even consider this game a “clone” of “A Short Hike” because of its similar vibe and visuals. The resemblance is so obvious that the game’s creator, Fabien Weibel, didn’t even refuse that the game is inspired by “A Short Hike”. 

5. Cascadia


Finally, let’s get back to board games and introduce one of the latest masterpieces among our favorite nature-themed games — Cascadia. The game was released in 2021 and has quickly become popular among board gamers who love nature. The game is set in the Pacific Northwest of North America, and it features 5 animals: foxes, salmon, grizzly bears, elk, and hawks.

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Final Words

Now you already have a short list of 5 environmental games that can help you appreciate the beauty of our natural world while entertaining yourself. While these games might not have as calming and relaxing an effect as spending time in nature itself, they’ll surely enhance the release of dopamine in your body, which will help you feel happier. As a result, you’ll also feel more connected to the environment from the comfort of your own home.

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