Pet Hermit Crab

Choosing the Right Pet Hermit Crabs for Sale

Pet hermit crabs are great fun to have. Pet hermit crabs have personalities and they are playful and love to dig and explore. But hermit crabs aren’t so easy to find anymore in pet stores. This is because hermit crabs are considered exotic pets because they aren’t native to the United States. Most pet hermit crabs sold in the United States come from the Caribbean rainforests and the ocean sands of Ecuador.

So if you want to have a pet hermit crab, how can you find out where to buy hermit crabs and what kind of hermit crabs you should look for? If you cannot find hermit crabs for sale in your local pet store, and you don’t have an exotic pet store around, you can buy pet hermit crabs online and have them sent to you by a courier.

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Land Hermit Crab

It is important to find out what type of pet hermit crab you are going to buy online first, though, so that you can research it and learn what kind of hermit crab habitat and what type of hermit crab food is best for it. Even of the two most common hermit crabs for sale in the United States, each needs a different kind of hermit crab habitat because one is a fresh water hermit crab and one is a sea water, or salt water, hermit crab. If the hermit crab doesn’t have the appropriate hermit crab food and habitat for hermit crabs of their type, they won’t survive.

When you buy hermit crabs from an internet vendor, you should also be able to buy the appropriate hermit crab habitat and food for it from the same vendor. If you buy hermit crabs from a pet store, you should know that their stock of hermit crab supplies were not necessarily made for the specific hermit crabs for sale at that pet store, so you will definitely need to do your homework and find out what your species of hermit crab needs.

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Land Hermit Crab

Some other things that you might want to think of buying when you buy hermit crabs are the right kind of substrate, or bedding for your hermit crab habitat. This can be sand, calcium gravel or forest bedding made out of coconut fiber to give your hermit crabs the best place to tunnel. Toys are great for hermit crabs, too; they love to play. Things for the hermit crabs to climb on like natural driftwood or rock formations are great.

Make sure that your hermit crabs are well fed, warm, kept in the right kind of environment, and well cared for and you will have a new, happy, exotic pet to enjoy for a long time to come.

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