Inappropriate Cat Names

Inappropriate Cat Names: Top 10

As a cat parent, you probably agree that giving a decent name to your little kitten isn’t an easy process. Most of the time, cat owners try to get to know new friend’s personalities before choosing a name for them.

Still, we can’t argue that leaving them without a name before exploring their characteristics isn’t the best option for impatient owners who want to help their curry companions learn new skills as soon as possible. That’s probably the main reason why inappropriate cat names have become so common among people who own cats as pets. 

In this article, we’ll provide the 10 most inappropriate cat names and the associations behind them, which surprise people every time their owners call these cats by their names. 

10 Most Inappropriate Cat Names

1. Adolf

Cat close up

We don’t even need to explain why naming your cat Adolf isn’t a wise decision. At least if you don’t want your cat to be associated with a historical figure who committed incredibly harmful acts and caused a lot of suffering. None of us want our cats to cause as much trouble as the famous Second World War Adolf Hitler, right?

Well, it turns out this statement isn’t 100% right. The reason is that Adolf is one of the most common inappropriate cat names in the world that people choose to call their little companions. 

It’s common knowledge that cats are joyful creatures rather than symbols of unpleasant memories. People might even believe you’re making a joke out of this name, which is not humorous at all. Simply put, you should choose a name that won’t damage your cat’s reputation or cause your friends to doubt your decision.

2. Cannibal

Did you think that one couldn’t possibly name their cat something worse than Adolf? Well, think again, because it turns out that some people are pretty comfortable calling their cats by the name Cannibal. Yes, it’s another strange one on our list of inappropriate cat names.

The only excuse we could think of is being a fan of the famous fictional serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter. His charisma is indeed attractive but still, having a cat named Cannibal at home still leads to uncomfortable and negative feelings. So, if you can’t resist Dr. Lecter’s talent, why don’t you just name your cat Hannibal instead of Cannibal?

Or maybe just choose a name that captures your cat’s playful or charming side. It could be anything that shows their cute nature and makes everyone impressed, like Whiskers, Fluffy, or any funny name that’s not as inappropriate as Cannibal.

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3. Frankenstein

Cannibal isn’t the only villain name among inappropriate cat names. As you can see, the list gets more and more weird. But we need to face the truth — some people decided to call their kittens Frankenstein — the name of the scientist in Mary Shalley’s well-known horror tale. 

Even though Victor Frankenstein was just a scientist, this name is often associated with the monster he created. Still, many people mistakenly believe that Frankenstein is a monster. Therefore, once you call your cat Frankenstein, chances are that people will think you’re referring to the monster. Not surprisingly, this will give the wrong impression of your cat.

It is preferable to give your cat a name that is short, sweet, and simple to understand. In this manner, you can establish a solid, friendly relationship with your cat and swiftly capture their attention. Which feline friend doesn’t wish for that?

4. Lucifer

Everyone knows that the name Lucifer is associated with the devil. But again, it seems like people enjoy calling their cats this name, which is why we included it in our list of the most inappropriate cat names. Cats that are called Lucifer are probably black in color and have a somehow scary look. As a result, they’re less likely to be perceived as the typical adorable cat. Instead, we bet that people will find your friend to be somewhat spooky or impulsive. 

Some individuals may even think that a cat named Lucifer will bring negative energy into their lives due to superstitions. If this is something you want to avoid, maybe you should think about naming your cat companion after someone who doesn’t get scared of them. This might be the best course of action if you want to create a warm and inviting environment. 

5. Voldemort

Cat on Grass

As we said, the list gets darker and darker because Voldemort is an even more scary name for a cat on our list of inappropriate cat names. Okay, you might be a big fan of Harry Potter. Many of us are. But why don’t you call your cat something warmer like Dobby, Hedwig, or even Hagrid

Yes, there are multiple name options from Harry Potter characters for your pets, but for some reason, people prefer to call their feline friends Voldemort. It’s like picking a name that reminds people of an extraordinarily destructive wizard whose actions had a wide range of harmful effects in the wizard world.

Whenever you call your cat, Harry Potter fans might get flashbacks to all those dark and scary moments from the books and movies. So, to keep things light, choosing a name that doesn’t have a dark and kind of spooky history might be a good plan.

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6. Gollum

As you can see, most of the inappropriate cat names presented in the list are related to negative characters known to the public. These characters presented in books and movies have been deposited in our minds as negative associations. Undoubtedly, Gollum belongs to their ranks, whose name is one of the most inappropriate cat names.

You probably recognize the name Gollum from the famous movie “The Lord of the Rings”. He’s a bit, let’s say, tricky and not the friendliest. So again, naming your cat Gollum might not be the best choice. 

Every time you call your cat by this name, a not-so-pleasant visual of Gollum will appear before your eyes. Believe us, this fact will repeatedly become the cause of an unpleasantly spooky feeling, especially considering that, according to the movie, Gollum even arranges to destroy his companions to satisfy his interests. Now we bet you’ve already stopped considering this name for your cat.

7. Psycho

After discussing the above-mentioned inappropriate cat names, you can probably already comprehend why psycho may be among the most inappropriate cat names. The main reason why people choose to call their cats “Psycho” is their love for Alfred Hitchcock’s movie of the same name. 

Naming your cat Psycho might give off a negative vibe and make people not only cautious but also uncomfortable around your cat. People may think that your cat’s name is appropriate for its behavior, and you will probably agree that controlling the behavior of a psychopathic animal, no matter how innocent it may seem, is very difficult. 

As you can see, your unconscious decision to name the cat Psycho will unquestionably result in unnecessary worry or fear. So, why should you develop a bad attitude towards your beloved cat? 

8. Lazy Eye

This one is a bit different from all the previously discussed inappropriate cat names. From our perspective, Lazy Eye is a fitting name for an easygoing cat who loves to sleep and rest. This means nothing more than that this name resembles the general temperament and physical characteristics of cats in some way. 

Despite this, many people think that this name is unsettling, which is why it isn’t at the top of the list of great names. But, even if we overlook the vibe, we still don’t recommend giving your cat this name because of its length. Besides, it’s a bit challenging to pronounce as it is made up of two distinct words.

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Given that most people like names that sound pleasant and upbeat, Lazy Eye might not be everyone’s first choice because it suggests something that isn’t quite perfect. Still, the most important thing is that you like it and that it fits your cat! 

9. Dummy

Now, we have to admit that this particular name is somehow sweet and tender. Still, we listed it at the end of the list of inappropriate cat names because of its etiology. In fact, the name “Dummy” comes from the word “dumb” which means unable to speak. But also, this word has a negative connotation and we often use it to offend someone, right?

Nevertheless, other than offending, sometimes this nickname can be used to express care and love. So, if you think that your cat has some silly, yet cute characteristics, maybe this name may be even more suitable for them.

10. Hairball

Brown and White Cat

And the final and a bit controversial, name on our list is Hairbell. Many people think that this name sounds messy or dirty and has negative associations. However, we don’t completely agree that it solely carries a negative connotation. What if your cat is actually hairy? Then, calling your furry friend Hairball might provoke some warm feelings 

But if you disagree, then it’s clear that it’s not the best choice for your feline. In this case, you should consider names that won’t evoke any odd associations and make a great first impression.


As you can see, people often use surprisingly odd and sometimes even inappropriate names for their cats. It may be funny for some, but for other pet owners, these inappropriate pet names are somewhat offending and inappropriate. 

All of us know that a cat’s name shapes its identity and how other people see it. But you may now realize how important it is to choose the name carefully in order to create a happy environment where our furry friends feel loved and accepted. So, avoid these inappropriate cat names and instead choose something that will actually catch their loving nature.

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