How To Keep Your Cat Off The Counter

If you are among the many people who absolutely adore their cats but dislike their counter-jumping habits, this article will help you address those issues so your counter can be free of your furry friends’ paws. There are many tips and tricks you will find on the internet, however, the ones listed below have had a better success rate.

Why Cats Jump Onto the Counter

Keep in mind that each cat has its own personality; this is why there are so many solutions! You need to try the tips that make the most sense to you and your cat. Typically, a person can identify what will generally work for their cat or not. This is usually determined by a cat’s behavior, likes, dislikes, and more.

So what brings our cat’s to the counter? There are many harmful things up there for them to get into. These things include hot stoves, knives, cleaning chemicals, and more. Moreover, no matter how you look at it, their paws have been walking all around and there is no telling what they have come across. In turn, jumping on the counter puts those unwanted microorganisms directly where you prepare food.

Cats jump on counters for many reasons. The most obvious is the fact that they love to be farther up. If you have ever watched a cat, they like to jump to high places and be over everyone and everything. Ten to one, if they are jumping on the counter, it is only to get up to the top of your cabinets! You will also find the cat that can’t get enough of the counter because it smells like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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If this does not sound like your cat, take a look around. Is there a nice window above your kitchen sink that your cat may be trying to get to? Also, are you quick to react when your cat jumps on the counter? If this is the case, maybe your cat is just trying to get a rise out of you- or get your attention.

Why a Cat Does not Listen to Commands

If you have not guessed, cats are very independent animals. They are also often times finicky and persistent in behavior. In other words, they have a mind of their own. Just as a toddler, they are very stubborn as well; if they want to do something, they are going to do it.

In another light, they also seem to do what is most interesting to them. For example, when you call your cat’s name; sometimes they will come, other times they won’t. When your cat doesn’t come, this does not mean they do not know their name, this just means something else is holding their attention. It really is simple as that!

So, whatever is being done has to get their attention more than what they are doing; which is jumping on the counter.

How to Get Your Cat off the Counter Effectively

If your cat is trying to just get to a window that is above the counter, simply give them another alternative. This would be a perch by another window, etc. Be thankful if this is the reason, as it is a very easy and quick fix.

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Another aspect to keep in mind is whether or not your cat is doing it to get attention or see the way you respond. The best way to deal with this is to simply put the cat back down on the floor each time they jump on the counter. Although this is time consuming and rather redundant, it is a very solid fix to reinforce where the cat needs to stay. Make sure you also reward your cat for good behavior. This can simply be a pet and quick worded praise.

If you are trying to get a cat to stop jumping on the counter due to smells or the “fun” factor, these are some things you should keep in mind:

1. Cats do not like sticky anything
2. Loud, quick noises often deter a cat
3. They love attention

With that said here are some methods that work well and are not harmful to your cat.

1. Tape on the edge of the counter. For some, this might work well just for the edge; others might need to go up a bit further. This all depends on how your cat jumps. When your cat hits the tape, they will no longer be interested in jumping on the counter because they absolutely dislike the feeling of sticky on their paws. It really is only a matter of a few times before a cat gets the hint.

Quick Tip: Do not use foam tape. This will leave a residue that will be very hard to get off. Masking tape works well because it not only leaves very little residue, it is fairly inexpensive and easy to replace.

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2. Foil is another option. You can tape the foil to the edge of the counter as well. When the cat hits the foil, it will make a noise that cats do not like. This will scare the cat away. Again, this usually only takes a few tries. If your cat continues, you might want to try a different method.

Quick Tip: Make sure you do not have any edges exposed on the foil, as this could be harmful to your cat’s paws if landed on the wrong way.

3. Create play time to release the energy. Cats have a lot of energy. Make a play time where they will not be interested in the counter. Moreover, offer them plenty of toys to keep them busy on the ground.

4. If your cat is just a jumper, make sure to buy or build a climbing tree. This will save you not only for the counter but other areas that will be a prime target that might house breakables.

Follow Through Regularly

In all, you need to make sure you are following through on everything you do. If you start to condition your cat and stop half way through, you will only show your cat that they run the show. When you start to condition again, it will be twice as hard. Sometimes it may test your patience, but in the long run, a cat off the counter is a very good thing!

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