Monarch Butterfly Migration

Monarch butterfly migration

Where do Monarch Butterflies migrate to? The Monarch Butterfly migration map is pretty simple. From points east of the Rocky Mountains, the butterflies cross the Gulf and hibernate in Mexico, in oyamel fir trees. From points west of the Rocky Mountains, they hibernate in southern California, in eucalyptus trees. When they are active, Monarchs like … Read more

Saving Milkweed to Save Monarchs

monarch unfolds from chrysalis

Habitat loss endangers Monarch Butterflies For centuries, rather than being crowded out by other animals, Monarchs have been able to work around and coexist with every other living thing in North America. They avoid direct competition with each other or with other species. What do Monarch Butterflies eat? Primarily milkweed is a weed that is … Read more

The Vanishing Monarch Butterflies

Monarch 59

Although the story we know of the Monarch Butterfly life cycle has been known for a relatively short time, Monarch Butterflies have acquired many layers of meaning for North Americans. Like butterflies, they can symbolize living in the moment, lightheartedness, and even frivolity. As insects that undergo a complete metamorphosis, they also suggest symbolism of … Read more

Monarch Butterfly Migration Tourism

Monarch and Bee

One of the many wonderful things to see in North America is the flight of the Monarch Butterflies. Every year, following the seasons, these orange-black-and-white butterflies travel almost the entire length of the continent. In early spring and early autumn, thousands flap from the southern States to the oyamel fir groves of Mexico, converging in … Read more

Raising Butterflies: Butterfly Kits for Children

Raising Butterflies

The Educational Experience of Raising Butterflies: Children like to keep pets. They learn responsibility from keeping pets. They can learn a lot about insects by raising a butterfly. Raising butterflies is truly an educational experience that every child will want to do over and over again. You can take the kids on a hike to … Read more

Butterfly Pictures: Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly 1

There are almost 24,000 species of butterflies the world. One of the prettiest types of butterflies are the Blue Morpho butterflies.  Not only is this beautiful butterfly one of the most sought after by collectors, but also just looking at its metallic-like wings is mesmerizing.  While it appears that the Blue Morpho butterfly’s wings are metallic blue, they aren’t the color … Read more

FREE Butterfly Clip Arts

Butterfly Clip Art

FREE Butterfly Clip Art images for you to use on your webpage, in emails, anywhere you need some butterflies! How to Install Clip Art: Place your mouse over the image. Click on the right mouse button. A menu window will pop up. Highlight the option “Save Picture As…” and then use the left mouse button … Read more

Butterfly Caterpillars

Butterfly Caterpillars

The transformation of the frequently ugly or bizarre caterpillar into an elegant butterfly is truly one of the regularly performed miracles of nature. For an even closer view, you can buy butterfly kits to raise Painted Lady Butterflies from caterpillars to adults, right in your home.

FREE Butterfly Coloring Pages

Butterfly Coloring Page 1

Here are some FREE Butterfly Coloring Pages for you to print out. There is no reason to ever be bored with so many fun butterfly projects to work on! Be creative with our free butterfly drawings, like use them as butterfly stencils. Some of our drawings of butterflies are simple butterfly sketches to color in … Read more

Butterfly Pictures


Did you know there are 24,000 different kinds of butterflies worldwide? Butterflies range in size from a tiny 1/8 inch to a huge almost 12 inches. The transformation of the frequently ugly or bizarre caterpillar into an elegant butterfly is truly one of the regularly performed miracles of nature. For an even closer view, you can … Read more