Manchester City Bonsai Tree

Are Animals and Plants The Key To Success?

As a nature lover, I am a big advocate for keeping the area around me green and having my dog or cat with me to keep the spirits high. I am constantly suggesting to work colleagues, friends and family to get some plants around their working or living environment and although some people listen and follow suit, a lot of them don’t. 

The main issue is convincing them. I am obviously not the only person on Earth who believes an animal or plant near you at all times will make you feel better but my love for these two things may make my suggestion feel like bias. I do understand this point of view and if the roles were swapped I’m unsure if I would believe the person and I started to understand this and slowly stopped giving my suggestions to people. 

The Use of Plants In Soccer

As a big sports fan, I am also surrounded by people who love sports and we talk about it all the time. Over the last few years, I have become infatuated with soccer and a lot of my family and friends are in the same situation. One of the best teams in the world, Manchester City, had a Netflix documentary released recently and I was excited to see how this team, which had just won a treble, worked together.

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As I was watching I saw something that I wouldn’t even use football bets to bet on; the use of a Bonsai Tree in the Manchester City dressing room and I was elated to see this. The documentary touched on how Man City striker Erling Haaland brought in the Bonsai tree and it has offered great luck and peace to the team. Hearing this from the best striker in soccer I was eager to text my family and friends and now I wish to share it with you.

The use of a Bonsai Tree can bring in lots of things and make you feel a lot more positive. You will find that on days when you may have less energy or you may be feeling a bit down, spraying your Bonsai Tree and making sure it is fed will instantly make you feel a bit better and as the Man City players stated, it is almost like a ritual at this point for me. 

Bonsai Tree

The Use Of Animals In Soccer

At the start of the last Premier League soccer season, the manager of one of the title challenges Arsenal announced that Arsenal had a training ground dog by the name of Win. Win is a Chocolate Labrador and instantly became a club icon and well-loved by football fans across the world. 

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The idea of bringing Win into the club stemmed from the idea of Arsenal being a family. Mikel Arteta, their manager, wanted the team to feel like a family club and every family needs an animal around! Having Win around allows the players to be connected and have something to look after and focus on whenever they may be getting distracted by things that are not football. 

Win Arsenal's dog

Mikel Arteta has also used an Olive Tree to show how the club needs to be looked after and maintained by the players. These small details will bring togetherness to the team and make all the players understand what it’s like to be a part of this club’s culture.

The Answer

I think success can be defined in many different ways and the same goes for achieving success. You won’t achieve success if you don’t try and having a plant or animal around won’t instantly make you succeed, but it will make you focus on the task at hand and this is something a lot of people do struggle with. If you are a person who feels themselves losing focus or care in a thing you are doing, a plant or an animal to focus on could help.

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