The Difference Between Frogs and Toads

Frogs and Toads

The big question is what is the difference between frogs and toads? The problem with this question is that there isn’t an easy answer because toads ARE frogs, or at least they are in the frog family. But toads aren’t what are called “true frogs”. True frogs are the species of frogs that most people … Read more

Fun Frog Facts

Frog 1

There are lots of interesting frog facts that you might not know, and maybe some frog facts that you do already know. Take a look at these frog facts and see what you can learn. • Frogs are amphibians because they start their frog life cycle as eggs in the water and then turn into tadpoles, which … Read more

Kiss a Frog and Other Frog Myths!

Woman Kissing a Frog

In fairy tales and many folklore stories, the frog is one of the main creatures that appear.  Whether the frog is being kissed to turn into a prince or the frog’s eyes are being boiled in a pot and stirred by a witch, there are many different frog myths that are constantly floating around in … Read more

What Do Frogs Eat and What Eats Frogs?

Frog with a long tongue catching dragonfly

A lot of people have no idea that frogs are not only the prey of many larger animals but also what frogs eat exactly.  Have you ever had a pet frog?  If not, you are probably not familiar with the fact that frogs actually do eat other live prey and are definitely not vegetarians by … Read more

Why Are Frogs So Many Different Colors?

Red-eyed Tree Frog

Well, this is a good question to think about. Are all of the people in the world the same color?  Are all of the dogs and cats in the world all one color?  Nope!  With that being said, why should we assume that frogs are all going to be the same color?  There are 3000 … Read more

Do Frogs Have Teeth?

Baby Grey Tree Frog Eating Grasshopper

Many of you may be wondering, “Do frogs have teeth?”. Well, the answer is not all frogs have teeth. There are some species of frogs that have teeth. These species are carnivorous and so have very sharp teeth. After extensive study and research, the latest indications are that,  after 20 million decades, teeth in their … Read more

Where Do Frogs Live?

Frog in Pond

For a long time now, you have been familiar with frogs and toads, but have you ever given thought to, “where do frogs live?” They have a fossil history dating back to a minimum of 220 million years. Toads and frogs belonging to the amphibians are a distinct and separate evolution from some large prehistoric … Read more

What Are Amphibians?


Amphibians are Tetrapod, ectothermic vertebrates (animals that depend on environmental sources of heat, not able to self-regulate body heat) that belong to the group Amphibia. All recent amphibians belong to Lissamphibia. The habitat of these amphibians is widespread, the majority of them living in the ecosystems of freshwater aquatics, arboreal or terrestrial fossorial (living in burrows … Read more

Green Frog

Green Frog

Lithobates clamitans belong to the species of frogs. They are commonly known as Green frogs and usually belong to the Eastern half of Canada and the United States. The other subspecies of the green frog are the northern green frog and Bronze Frog Rana Clamitans.  Anatomy Pacific Tree Frog Green frogs are usually mid-sized.  Their length varies … Read more

Leopard Frog

Leopard Frog

Scientific Classification A leopard frog (at times known as a meadow frog) may fall under any of the14 varieties of frogs included in the real genus of frogs in the family Ranidae and the leopard frog Rana (genus Rana)  are generally green in color,  with conspicuous black spots,  which at times resemble the pattern of a leopard. They are differentiated by their allocation and … Read more

Wood Frog

Wood Frog

Lithobates Sylvaticus, usually known as the Wood frog, is a native of North America.  You can see them from the southern Appalachians to the boreal forest and Eastern North Carolina. These frogs have an amazing freeze tolerance ability and spend their maximum life on land. Their interesting habitat includes uplands, vernal pools, and peat bogs. This species is considered an … Read more

Tree Frog

Tree Frog

Tree frogs spend the most part of their life in trees, a situation referred to as the arboreal state. Many divisions of the Neobatrachia contribute to different types of tree frogs, although no close link exists between them. The Neobatrachia is a suborder of the Anura, under the order of frogs and toads This suborder is the … Read more