Woman Kissing a Frog

Kiss a Frog and Other Frog Myths!

In fairy tales and many folklore stories, the frog is one of the main creatures that appear.  Whether the frog is being kissed to turn into a prince or the frog’s eyes are being boiled in a pot and stirred by a witch, there are many different frog myths that are constantly floating around in all sorts of different stories.   

Kiss frog myth

By far, the most popular use of a frog in a movie/book was famous kissing a frog to become a prince.  While that myth is obviously not true, there is still that saying ‘You need to kiss a lot of frogs to get to your prince’, meaning that you may need to kiss a lot of duds in order to find the person that you are supposed to be with. 

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Long ago in medieval Europe, the frog was something to be attributed to the devil because of their use in many witch spells.  Frogs are definitely not the sign of the devil, they are actually some of the most harmless creatures in the world and are definitely should not be associated with Satan any longer.   

Another misconception about frogs is the fact that if you touch one, you will develop warts instantly.  Warts have now been proven to be caused by a human internal viral infection, but way back when, toads and frogs were handled by glove-wearing humans or not handled at all.   

While frogs have gotten a bad reputation a lot of the time, there are still quite a few countries and cities that hold the frog up high.  For instance, Egyptians take the frog as a symbol of life and fertility since millions of them were born after the inundation of the Nile.  They had many different myths about there being a frog-goddess named Heget (which means frog in Egyptian).  Heget was essentially a woman’s body with a frog’s head and this goddess was highly-respected and sought after, even though she was just a myth. 

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In China, the frog represents the lunar yin.  They have even created a frog spirit, Ch-ing-Wa Sheng, which is associated with healing and good fortune, which is one of the main reasons why you will see a lot of frog relics around businesses and in homes. 

So as you can plainly see, the frog has definitely become somewhat of a symbol for many different things in many different cultures.  Whether there is a frog appearing in a television show singing his heart out, or he is falling from the sky, the frog is definitely a huge part of our children’s stories and a great asset to a lot of our favorite movies. 

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