How Long Do Pitbulls Live? Factors That Affect Their Lifespan

How Long Do Pitbulls Live

We frequently give careful consideration to how long a potential canine family member will remain in our household before making their addition. Despite having a somewhat unfair image as vicious attack dogs, pit bulls are naturally affectionate and devoted to their owners. When pups are nurtured, they make wonderful family companions that are patient and … Read more

Throwback Pomeranian – Bold, Cute, and Intelligent Purebred Pet

Throwback Pomeranian

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Throwback Pomeranian” and still feel unsure about what it refers to. Regardless of size, shape, or other physical characteristics, the majority of people think there is just one variety of Pomeranians. Although there is only one breed of Pomeranian and no recognized variations in size or any other physical characteristics, … Read more

Are Pomeranians Smart – Interesting Facts and Tips

Are Pomeranians Smart

Pomeranians are brave, independent, and vivacious small dogs. They are ideal for all owners because of their inquisitive nature and welcoming atmosphere. However, due to their upbeat personalities, owners may doubt the intelligence of these toy dogs. Pomeranians pick up new orders quickly.  What actually distinguishes Pomeranians as smart dogs is their extraordinary capacity for … Read more

German Shepherd Feeding Chart

German Shepherd Feeding Chart

Age: Kilocalories(Per day) Daily Food Quantity(Cups) Fats: Protein: 2 – 3 Months 1050 – 1500 1 – 1.5 8% 22 – 25% 4 – 5 Months 1200 – 1400 1.5 – 2 8% 22 – 25% 6 – 9 Months 1600 – 1800 2 – 3 8% 22 – 25% 10 – 12 Months 1700 … Read more

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

Hybrid dogs have gained a lot of popularity recently and have earned the moniker “man’s best friend” over time. A fantastic example is the German Shepherd Mastiff mix. Your current thought is probably, “What exactly is a German Shepherd Mastiff Mix?” A purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Mastiff are crossed to create the hybrid … Read more

Retained Puppy Teeth – Treatment and Care Tips

Retained Puppy Teeth

A condition known as retained puppy teeth occurs when the permanent tooth emerges. If an adult dog’s retained or prolonged deciduous tooth cannot usually fall out, it may cause oral disorders. Early detection is reliant on you, the owner, and is essential to averting serious harm. A veterinarian should be consulted right away to prevent … Read more

Czech German Shepherds – All About Loyal & Powerful Dog Breed

Czech German Shepherds

German shepherds are among the top five most well-known dogs worldwide. Czech German Shepherd dogs are hardworking, have larger, denser bones, and live a long time. Even though they have niche appeal and a strong drive to please and defend, making them ideal guard dogs, these dogs experience fewer health issues and aren’t deemed attractive … Read more