Do Pomeranians Bark a Lot

Do Pomeranians Bark a Lot? 5 Possible Reasons & Solutions 

Pomeranians are extremely talkative, sociable, and clever dogs that are brimming with life and affection for the people around them. They always seem to be the center of attention in my home. Why would they not? They are adorable. They may attract some attention owing to their attractiveness, but in other situations, they are trained barking machines. Despite how bothersome it may appear, their main goal is to communicate.

If you own a Pomeranian, then you may wonder – do Pomeranians bark a lot? Let’s learn more about those adorable creatures.


Do Pomeranians Bark a Lot?

Do Pomeranians bark a lot? There is no one answer to this question. However, some individuals in specific circumstances may indeed bark a lot. Many Pomeranians have a loud bark. Their attitude, lifestyle, and early socialization all play a role in this. They mostly use barking to communicate with people. Pomeranians don’t bark any more than the typical dog. 

Some of the most fundamental explanations for your Pomeranian’s frequent barking include demanding your attention, experiencing separation anxiety, or simply being thrilled. It’s up to you to figure out what makes him bark, whatever the cause may be. You’ll be able to handle your Pomeranian’s behavior and interact with him better after you get to know him.

Why Do Pomeranians Bark a Lot? 5 Possible Reasons

Pomeranians want you to be able to hear their voice when they bark so that you can understand what they are trying to say. Although it could appear as though they are just full of themselves, it nearly always stems from a place of love.

Since Pomeranians are descended from German Spitz dogs, they were once powerful, labor-intensive dogs that lived mostly in Arctic climates and pulled dog sleds. This provides a glimpse into one of the causes of Pomeranians’ excessive barking: they are huge dogs trapped in little dog bodies. Because they still have Spitz DNA, Pomeranians have a large dog attitude.

If they get bored, it usually signifies that they have a lot of energy and are eager to participate in any activity.  Here are 5 possible reasons why do Pomeranians bark a lot. 

1. Stranger Alert

Pomeranians have a reputation for being fiercely guarded and perceptive to their environment. Therefore, they will bark to warn you if they detect a possible threat approaching, such as an unfamiliar visitor. The Pomeranian is extremely distrustful and careful towards people they don’t know, unlike certain breeds that may be friendlier with strangers

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They may bark if they are in an area with humans or animals that they are unfamiliar with. They are letting you know that they don’t like being around strangers by doing this. Or, they can be alerting you and your family to potential danger from outsiders.

2. Loud Noises

Pomeranians may also bark when they hear loud noises due to their strong loyalty and protective instincts for you. A Pomeranian might be startled by sounds like the phone ringing or a knock at the door. 

Even if it’s something as basic as a buddy knocking on the door, they want to alert you to what’s going on. This urge to defend yourself can seem adorable at first, but it can rapidly grow irksome and be difficult to control.

3. Seeking Attention

Wondering why do Pomeranians bark a lot when you get home? Your Pomeranian comes with a long list of requirements as a dog. This specific breed believes they need a lot of love and care from you. Pomeranians adore being the center of attention and the life of the party. They will bark to let you know if they feel abandoned or that they are not being cared for properly.

For instance, your Pomeranian may run up to you when you get home from work, barking loudly and desiring your attention. They could decide to continue barking until they obtain what they want due to their aggressive and domineering personalities.

If they require your love and attention, they will continue to bark until their needs are met. A Pomeranian may request attention by being petted or cuddled in addition to obtaining a toy or other reward. They’ll bark to let you know that they want whatever you have, especially if you’re playing a game that includes teasing them with something they desire. 

They’ll bark to let you know they want something, whether it’s a brand-new toy you just bought from the shop, a favorite treat you keep hidden in the cupboard, or their beloved ball that they can’t get enough of.

4. Boredom

One of the reasons why do Pomeranians bark a lot is boredom. Your Pomeranian may bark in response if anything irritates or bothers them. They could bark in response if they don’t feel well. Pomeranians, who adore movement and action in particular, might get bored easily. When this happens, they’ll bark or use their voice to express their displeasure or annoyance.

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5. Excitement

A Pomeranian dog’s high level of energy and love of play can cause them to bark with joy and enthusiasm as well. They’ll likely yip in excitement when you get home from a hard day since they’re so excited to see you. When you take the leash from the hanger when they are ready to go for a walk, they may start to bark excitedly in anticipation of one of their favorite pastimes.

A Pomeranian may choose to bark for different causes, both positive and negative. While you may be able to tolerate their barking on occasion, this habit can quickly spiral out of control.

What to Do When Pomeranians Bark a Lot

Knowing the reason why do Pomeranians bark a lot will help us know how to moderate it when we need them to be quiet. It is possible to teach Pomeranians when to be quiet since, as we all know, they are rather bright dogs.

Make sure they understand that if they bark at the wrong times, they will have to deal with you looking them in the eye, correcting them verbally, and making physical contact with them. Wait a while to see how it performs.

It’s probably time for a stroll if your Pomeranian appears bored and just starts barking because there is nothing else to do. Exercise is the best way to relieve Pomeranian boredom since it uses up their endless energy. Take them for a walk around the neighborhood or to a dog park where they can play with other dogs. This will undoubtedly calm them down.

Will Barking Harm Pomeranians?

Pomeranians often bark excessively, which can be annoying. However, when do Pomeranians bark a lot, will it harm their health? The power of their lungs may not be as great as their ability to constantly produce such loud noises. Fortunately, healthy Pomeranians don’t have a problem with this. They won’t have any throat problems or other health-related problems when they bark until the sun rises. Considering how loud they can bark, this is astonishing.

However, your Pomeranian may experience some discomfort if it has a lung issue, such as a collapsed trachea. A dog’s windpipe cartilage breaking down causes the windpipe to collapse in on itself, resulting in a collapsed trachea.

Unfortunately, Pomeranians and other tiny breeds frequently have collapsed tracheas. Your puppy may experience discomfort if it has a collapsed trachea and prefers to bark frequently. In this situation, make an effort to calm them down in order to lessen their barking for their own health.

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Training Pomeranians Not to Bark a Lot

As you can see, the answer to the question “do Pomeranians bark a lot?” is indeed positive. However, it’s interesting to know what to do when they do so. Remember that Pomeranians are relatively intelligent dogs when teaching them. Positive reinforcement, sometimes known as rewarding good conduct, may therefore be quite useful. 

Give your dog a biscuit as a reward when you ask them to cease barking and being noisy. It’s crucial not to give them the treat too soon, though. If they start barking again, tell them to stay quiet until they stop for a longer period. Give them their favorite goodie as a reward.

It’s advantageous to begin this behavioral training early on in a dog’s life, much like with teaching other canines. As a young puppy, you may train your dog to develop excellent behaviors that will serve them well throughout their whole life. Early behavioral training prevents them from having time to form bad habits like barking at everything.

Getting your Pomeranian used to be around people might eventually stop them from barking at strangers. It requires acclimating them to various surroundings that they might not be inclined to normally. Their behavior and relationships with you and other people outside the house can be greatly improved by doing this.

Bottom Line – Do Pomeranians Bark a Lot?

We’ve just explored whether do Pomeranians bark a lot, and why they may do so. Many people are unaware that one of the breeds with a propensity to bark frequently is the Pomeranian. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand their demands and how much time they require outside for exercise before you adopt one. 

Owners need to be aware of a few factors about when, why, and when do Pomeranians bark a lot. Before using any homemade medicines, you should first speak with their veterinarian.

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