German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

Hybrid dogs have gained a lot of popularity recently and have earned the moniker “man’s best friend” over time. A fantastic example is the German Shepherd Mastiff mix. Your current thought is probably, “What exactly is a German Shepherd Mastiff Mix?”

A purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Mastiff are crossed to create the hybrid dog known as the German Shepherd Mastiff Mix. The Mastiff Shepherd is another name for this hybrid breed. Continue reading as we walk you through this manual about characteristics and care tips for this dog breed. 

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

How German Shepherd Mastiff Mix Was Created

The German Shepherd Mastiff mix is a very recent crossbreed with little brand-new knowledge. We shall thus talk about the history of the two parent breeds, the Mastiff and the German Shepherd.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of today’s most cherished dogs. Captain Max von Stephanitz invented it in the 19th century. This dog enthusiast wants to develop a breed of dog that could be employed in the military and police as a working dog. A canine with stunning good looks, intellect, and flexibility was the eventual product.

Even though German Shepherds only received negative press during World War I because of their role in German tactics, the post-war era brought about a period of enthusiasm for German Shepherds, particularly in the USA. One of the best-known dog breeds not just in the United States but also internationally is the German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd dog is a superb specimen, regardless of whether they are used as herding dogs, guard dogs, or cherished pets.

The Mastiff

Here is a canine with a history that dates back thousands of years. The mastiff’s ancestors are said to have originated in central Asia many thousand years ago. Mastiff dogs were excellent traveling companions for traders and nomads from Northern India and Tibet to the Middle East, the Mediterranean, China, and Russia.

The Mastiff breed is mentioned in several myths, including Egyptian and Greek. In Greek mythology, a similar, three-headed dog guards the entrance to the Underworld. Images of mastiff-like dogs were discovered on the walls of the pyramids. Additionally, throughout the 16th century, mastiffs spent their darkest years serving as patrol dogs, making sure no outsiders entered the city.

The English Mastiff, sometimes known as the Mastiff, was developed in 1835, the year dog fighting was outlawed. It was a turning point for dogs and the cause of the Mastiff’s current reputation as a huge, loving giant. Breeders have also crossed Mastiffs with various other dog breeds in addition to the German Shepherd

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What Does a German Shepherd Mastiff Mix Look Like?

Because there are so many different mastiff breeds, the German Shepherd-Mastiff mix looks quite different. This hybrid dog is actually rather enormous in comparison to its parents, the German Shepherd, and Mastiff.

Those dogs have a height of 61–66 cm and can weigh between 45 and 54 kg. German shepherds would be 65 cm tall and weigh around 40 kg. Therefore, it is most likely that your mix will weigh between 36 and 91 kg (80 and 200 pounds) and reach a height of between 60 and 70 cm (1.9-3 feet).

This hybrid dog may look different from other breeds. Either a black or a red coat is what you may anticipate from your German shepherd mastiff mix. Brown and gray mixtures (like sandy silver) are also possible, and brindle coats are sporadic.

Since these mixed-breed dogs sweat frequently, you must be well-versed in the process. Given that dogs frequently shed, this could pose a challenge for dog owners. Before choosing this enormous breed to be your canine companion, do some research on the subject and make sure you are clear on the facts.

The fact that mixed-breed dogs, like the German Shepherd Mastiff Mix, resemble both of their parents is widely acknowledged and accepted. This implies that there is no other Mastiff Shepherd in the world. This reed’s puppies all have distinct appearances.

Two puppies from the same litter may belong to you; one may resemble the Mastiff parent while the other may resemble the German Shepherd parent. They won’t look exactly like their parents, though. Still, these dogs will appear to be a cross between two purebreds.

However, there are certain universal guidelines that all puppies should follow. All of the puppies will be between their parents in terms of size and weight. However, there may be some variation.

Although most puppies have short, thick coats all over their bodies, others may still retain a scruffy, fluffy appearance similar to German Shepherds. The youngster produced from a cross between a Tibetan Mastiff and a German Shepherd will have a longer coat. 

Personality Of German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

The German Shepherd Mastiff hybrid is a gentle giant, as its name implies while having a propensity for stubbornness. Given that one of the parents is a mastiff, as is the case with many huge breeds, the combination of these two contributes to some unfavorable marketing for the German Shepherd Mastiff Mix. It is a common misconception that large breeds are aggressive; however, this is really not the case.

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Mastiff Shepherd pups may display aggressive behaviors toward people and other animals if they are not given prompt treatment and early socialization. Therefore, it is crucial to begin training as soon as you bring the puppy home.

Mastiff dogs may be trusted with young children since they are often quiet and peaceful. Due to its history, the crossbreed will have a great disposition, a laid-back outlook, and plenty of patience.

Mastiff Shepherds’ sweet dispositions are complemented by their extreme loyalty and devotion. Even when the tiniest threat lurks around the corner, they will display their owner’s protection.

This aggressive stance is expected given the reputation of both Mastiffs and GSDs as guard dogs. Making Mastiff Shepherds household pets or guardians will require some training and socializing.

How to Take Care of German Shepherd Mastiff Mix


A Mastiff Shepherd’s coat is dense and short to medium in length. German Shepherd and Tibetan Mastiff crossbreeds typically have longer coats. It should be remembered, nonetheless, that Mastiff Shepherds frequently shed and will require routine coat maintenance.

It is useful to have a vacuum cleaner to remove loose fur. To properly groom a Mastiff Shepherd, you’ll often need a slicker brush, undercoat rake, and metal comb. Prepare to groom this dog two to three times every week and use large brush strokes to level out its coat.

Diet and Feeding

Depending on their size, age, and degree of exercise, this mixture’s nutritional needs will change. Larger dogs might need to eat more. Knowing your Mastiff’s dimensions and weight is crucial.

The likelihood is that your German Shepherd Mastiff mix will thrive on 3 to 4 cups of premium dog food. You may see if your cute mixed-breed dog likes eating the finest dry dog food for large dogs by giving it to them. Keep using a formula you’ve found works for them. Before modifying your pet’s food, though, be sure to see your veterinarian.

Probiotics and wild Alaskan salmon oil should also be included in your mixed-breed dog’s diet. These vitamins will support the health of their joints, skin, and coat. It’s crucial to provide clean water for your dog since it keeps them hydrated.

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Common Health Issues

The German Shepherd Mastiff mix shares the same health risks as its parent breeds, including hip and elbow dysplasia, obesity, blood disorders, cherry eye, bloat, and urinary tract infections.

Large dogs frequently develop hip and elbow dysplasia due to their enormous weight. You may avoid this problem by taking the right precautions. A proper diet can assist in controlling your dog’s weight and lowering the chance that hip and elbow dysplasia may occur.

Make sure you get a puppy from a reputable breeder to prevent any of these health issues. You should have a guarantee from the breeder on the fitness and quality of the puppies.

Interesting Facts About German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

  • Mastiff dogs can hold kittens and other small creatures in their mouths without harming them. As a result, they are referred to as having “soft mouths“.
  • Mastiff Mixes might get bored if left alone for an extended period of time. Then they could begin to bark, dig, or create havoc. Therefore, if you lack the time or don’t venture outside frequently, a German Shepherd Mastiff isn’t the dog for you.
  • Puppy Mastiff Mixes prefer to unwind and lounge rather than engage in vigorous activity. If you don’t urge them to do something, they’ll just choose to sleep. Considering that it’s their puppyhood, it makes sense.
  • German Shepherd Mastiff hybrids are extremely kind and obedient. They’re calm dogs for a breed of their size and form. Additionally, leaving them with kids is safe. They are a fantastic family friend as a result of all of this.

Bottom Line

Now you probably understand why the Mastiff branch of the family has endured for so long. They are intelligent, devoted, obedient, and beautiful canines with one goal in mind: to fulfill your every request.

At first glance, a German Shepherd Mastiff Mix could appear to be large and scary, but upon closer inspection, they resemble enormous teddy bears that you want to squeeze and embrace.

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