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Orthopedic Dog Beds

Sleeping has gone to the dogs . . . and in the case of these orthopedic dog beds – that’s a good thing of course!  While ordinary dog beds might provide enough comfort for younger dogs or dogs without any health problems, older dogs require more support. Because dogs with arthritis or pups that are post-operative need both the comfort and medical support that only an orthopedic bed can provide these comfortable and oh-so-supportive loungers are made with their specific needs in mind.
So whether your furry friend is recovering from surgery, dealing with painful arthritis or simply want to give him the best to continue his already good health, these orthopedic dog beds we’ve found on the web have something for every need and every budget. Read on to find our shopper’s favorites . . . we hope they become your favorites too!

The Big Boy

This giant orthopedic dog bed is perfect for your Dalmatian, Great Dane or St. Bernard. Made with bigger breeds in mind, these orthopedic dog beds make the perfect fireside lounge-about for your favorite furry friend. With a top created of soft, supple Sherpa fleece and a side flash of micro velvet, he’s sure to find comfort and good health here . . . best of all, the outer cover is removable, so when he drags in an old wet rain boot or moldy skunk, you don’t have to buy a new one! – view website

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In and Out

Inside, outside or on the go, go, go . . . these comfortable yet super practical orthopedic dog beds are the things that doggie dreams are made of. (You know, besides freshly fallen hot dogs, rare t-bone steaks and buried gravy covered tennis balls in the back yard.) Best of all, this model is made up of heavy 1000 denier water resistant fabric that is made to stay dry in any weather – not to mention, the special egg crate foam design relieves pressure from joints and hips for perfect comfort rest after comfortable rest. – view website

Chic Lines for Tired Behinds

The orthopedic dog bed that doesn’t draw attention away from the rest of your fabulously decorated home, this model is simple yet oh, so comfortable and soft. Available in small to extra large for any size pup in need of a little extra support, these orthopedic dog beds are a great gift for all the support they have given you over the years! – view website

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Snug and Safe

A great sleeper for your pup that isn’t as sure footed as he used to be, this model provides support and the feeling of security with a wrap around bolster that keeps him safe, snug and sound. With removable covers for a quick wash and a variety of colorful options, you can buy a cover to match every season of your home’s décor. – view website

Doctor’s Orders

Perhaps the epitomes of the pet world, Doctors Foster and Smith have long been famed for their dedication to pet health. The orthopedic dog beds provided at their site are medically approved, super comfortable and available in several different unique swatches and patterns. Reducing stress on his joints, pressure points and aging bones . . . from tail to nose, he gets all the support he needs. Unlike some bulkier models, this bed is also versatile enough to fit into their crate – which makes their alone time even safer since blankets are known to slip from beneath tired paws. – view website

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When it comes to health, nothing is too good for your pet . . . but the good news is that the best doesn’t always have to mean the most expensive. There are plenty of different orthopedic dog beds out there ranging greatly in price and most important in needs. Be sure that as you purchase a bed, you pay close attention to the reasons your pet requires an orthopedic bed.  Many beds provide specific support or aid in purposes you might not even know about.
If you need help finding out which bed is best for your pet, call up your local vet or ask advice from a knowledgeable pet store clerk. They may not be able to tell you which model is best like the doctor would, but they may know which ones are most often returned which can be just as helpful.

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