How To Travel With Your Dog – Make Sure Your Hotel is Pet Friendly

If you have pets, when it comes to organizing tourism with pets there is always a question, do I take it with me? The answer depends on you, your desire to be aware of him or her during the trip, how polite your pet is and the destination.

You already know yourself, and also your pet. If you have decided that you can take a trip together, it’s great, but now it’s time to see if the places you want to visit allow you to go with your best friend. Because the essential step when it comes to sightseeing with pets is to find hotels that allow dogs.

Look for a Pet-Friendly Hotel

The first thing you need to find out is if the places where you can stay are pet-friendly. If you are not used to traveling with them, you can believe that this is something difficult. But luckily in recent years, hotels that allow dogs and other pets are increasing.

In some of them, in the most flirtatious, they even have special areas, feeders and drinkers and even beds. They can stay with you or in a room with other dogs. In the event that the hotel offers casino games, you can indulge in some recreational fun while your furry friend enjoys their dedicated space. Just remember to brush up on the poker hands and other rules of the game, since they remain consistent regardless of where you choose to play.

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As for pet-friendly labels, there is no one-size-fits-all list, it will be something you will have to check on a personal level. They usually point it out very clearly so chances are you will not have any problems within your arrival. But if it is still unclear, you can always call to ask.

Organize Vacations with Your Dog

And now comes the second important part of tourism with pets, organizing visits, destinations and excursions with dogs. The best advice is to make a list of everything you can do with your dog and everything you can’t. Try to eliminate the places that your best friend can’t accompany you to and leave those that make you especially excited. Below are some common places where you can take your furry companion.

Vacation at the beach

Dogs widely enjoy fun in the sun with their humans, but they can suffer from sunburn and skin cancers due to long exposure to the sun’s rays. A sun protection spray can be a quick and easy way to protect them. You can also use a light SPF lotion or a cooling vest for dogs that can also help keep your puppy cool.

With that being said, remember that not all dogs are made for swimming, and even the best swimmers can get tired, scared or sink from the strong currents. There may also be dangers in the water that you can’t see.

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Outdoor Excursions

The fresh air and walks under the great sky can be healthy and pleasant for humans and pets. Determine if the terrain and the weather will match your dog’s physical abilities and personality. It is also a smart idea to bring some extra food and water. An adjustable bag of croquettes can carry up to several kilos of food.

Given that dogs can get into the mud in the blink of an eye, a small silicone device that turns a water bottle into a portable dog shower and a quick-drying lightweight towel can make your furry friend clean enough for the car again.

Urban Getaways

Cities can offer great adventures, especially when your hotel admits dogs. Check if the places of interest or places you plan to visit are pet friendly, as well as the local transport. For times when you have to go out for a couple of hours without your furry pal, a relaxing vest can be useful; or you can consider bringing your favorite toy and pack a lightweight travel bed that your dog has already become accustomed to using.

Keep in mind that even if your pet is acclimated to the urban lifestyle, a new city can arrive with views, unknown sounds and smells that can be overwhelming at first.

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Other Tips for Traveling with your Pet

Now that you know what to do before and during your trip, pay close attention to some other things below to make your stay as smooth as possible:

  • Contact the airline as soon as possible about a separate reservation for your dog.
  • Get information about the passenger policies and regulations that could apply to your trip.
  • Consider packing some natural soothing treats as well.
  • Consider using a cage/carrier while your dog is in a moving vehicle.
  • Remember that the max number of pets per hotel room is 1 or 2.
  • Be responsible with your pet, and educate him/her so that they know how to behave properly.
  • Identify your dog with a collar with his name and a phone number in case he gets lost.
  • Use the leash in the common areas to keep your dog under control.

All in all, many travel agencies and flying companies nowadays offer their vacation planning services taking into account that people travel with their dogs. So, there is not a problem anymore to organize a well-planned trip with your furry member of the family.

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