How Long Do Pitbulls Live

How Long Do Pitbulls Live? Factors That Affect Their Lifespan

We frequently give careful consideration to how long a potential canine family member will remain in our household before making their addition. Despite having a somewhat unfair image as vicious attack dogs, pit bulls are naturally affectionate and devoted to their owners. When pups are nurtured, they make wonderful family companions that are patient and kind to children.

But how long do Pitbulls live? How to keep them happy and healthy longer? Let’s find out in this article. 


How Long Do Pitbulls Live?

An American Pit Bull Terrier lives 12 to 14 years on average. This is so because the blood of these medium-sized canines contains a diverse array of DNA.

The size of the dog is one of the main determinants of how long it will survive. Chihuahuas typically outlive English Mastiffs because larger breeds have shorter life spans than tiny ones. Pitbulls and other medium-sized canines typically fall between the two, as one might anticipate.

The purebred or mixed breeding of a canine is another significant element that affects how long do Pitbulls live. Due to inbreeding, which causes genetic health problems to spread like wildfire throughout the species, many purebred canines live shorter lives. 

Oldest Living Pitbull

We also answered the question of how long do Pitbulls live. However, did you know that the oldest Pitbull ever identified was 26 years old? Max is the moniker of this Louisiana-born canine. Max is a Pitbull because he is a Terrier-cross canine. Max unfathomably achieved and even exceeded the equivalent of 182 years in human years, according to a Go Pitbull article. Max never consumes table food. He only consumes kibble and a few rewards.

The proprietors of Max first applied to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009. Max, however, was never recognized as one of the greatest canines in history. Despite this, Max was unquestionably one of the eldest Pitties to have ever lived.

Aside from Max, there are numerous unsubstantiated reports of Pitbulls living well past the age of 20. These incidents merely demonstrate that Pitbulls can survive longer than they are supposed to. 

Who knows, if you give your Pitbull the proper attention, it might end up being the longest Pitbull alive! 

Factors Affecting How Long Do Pitbulls Live

1. Genetics

The main determinant of how long Pitbulls live is genetics. Looking at the parents and ancestors of your Pitbull is the best method to estimate how long they will live. Breeders can provide you with details about your pitbull’s genetics. Shelter canines, on the other hand, frequently lack this knowledge.

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Due to breeders’ inclination to try and maintain breed standard characteristics in the gene pool, sometimes to the detriment of the canines, pedigreed breeding greatly reduces the gene pool. This is especially true of Pitbulls with merle patterns who have a small gene pool.

Merle patterning is not regarded as a typical Pitbull hair pattern, so breeders may use inbreeding to create merle-patterned canines. When buying a Pitbull with a merle design, be cautious. Breeding techniques that result in unusually patterned canines can still pass on hereditary diseases, even if owners conduct genetic testing for serious illnesses. And that is definitely affecting how long do Pitbulls live.

2. Spaying & Neutering

How long do Pitbulls live is significantly influenced by spaying and neutering, which is still linked to your puppy’s health. A neutered or female canine is generally less likely to experience health issues like prostate cancer, pyometra, constipation issues, and more. 

Once they reach the proper age, it is strongly advised to have your Pitbull spayed or neutered if you do not intend to reproduce with it. You are greatly increasing your Pitbull’s lifespan by doing this.

3. Living Conditions

In comparison to domestic canines, outdoor dogs typically have shortened lifespans. The likelihood of mishaps, canine fights, and other tragedies involving dogs is higher when they are outside.

Besides, it is well known that canines that are open to the elements are more susceptible to illness. However, indoor-only canines typically live longer. Due to their decreased propensity to pursue moving vehicles or wandering animals, they are less likely to encounter traffic mishaps.

4. Activity & Exercises

Pitbulls also require a lot of activity to maintain their health. That is why exercise is an important factor in determining how long do Pitbulls live. Although your dog will naturally slow down as they age, you can encourage them to remain active to prevent their weight from spiraling out of control.

In addition, it’s crucial not to overwork your canine while they’re still developing. Pitbulls can develop elbow and hip dysplasia. If the malformed joint is abused while the dog is still developing, these malformations may become worse.

Hip and elbow dysplasia can result in lameness and immobility in extreme instances. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your dog busy without endangering its joints if you own a Pitbull.

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5. Diet & Nutrition

One important element that Pitbull owners can impact to help their Pitbull live as long as possible is nutrition. The lifespan of a pitbull can be greatly influenced by healthy food.

One of the things that will determine how long do Pitbulls live is your ability to prevent them from gaining weight. When compared to their friends who are a healthy weight, overweight Pitbulls experience many health problems, particularly as they get older and their joints start to deteriorate.

Feel where the sternum is on the sides of your Pitbull if you’re unsure if they are overweight. You shouldn’t be able to see or feel their ribcage, but you should be able to feel the bones without pushing down.

To locate the canine food that fits their activity level and age, you might need to study the labels on every bag of dog food. There are times when homemade canine treats and meals are a better option. If you want to give your Pittie the finest diet possible, it is best to speak with a canine nutritionist. 


How to Tell the Age Of a Pitbull

After understanding how long do Pitbulls live, you may also want to know exactly how to tell their age. The Humane Society of the United States claims that looking at a dog’s teeth is the most accurate method to identify its age. Puppies won’t have any teeth until they are four weeks old. You’ll notice artificial teeth that resemble needles in the mouth between four and eight weeks.

Around three to four months of age, a dog will begin to develop permanent teeth, which will continue to come in until they are a year old. Most canines’ teeth begin to yellow and stain at the back of the mouth by the age of three. Their teeth may be a little less sharp or slightly worn down at age five.

You’ll start to notice some fractured or missing teeth once they turn ten. By looking at your dog’s hair, you can determine its age as well. Similar to humans, dogs also begin to exhibit some grayness as they age. As they mature, their pelt may also become sparser and thinner. In some areas, it may even become hairless.

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Another reliable age predictor is the iris. Dogs’ eyes may become cloudy and begin to generate an innocuous discharge as they mature. As dogs age, they too may begin to lose their eyesight. Early blindness may be a risk factor for pitbulls.

You can also consider your dog’s physical appearance. While elderly dogs may start to lose muscle tone and become slender or even bony, younger dogs will be rounder, gentler, and have less muscle tone. \


How Do Pitbulls Die?

How long do Pitbulls live is greatly dependent on the environment, nutrition, care, and other factors. Every canine type, including the Pitbull, is prone to some breed-specific health problems. Pitbulls are particularly prone to heart problems. These may consist of arterial narrowing, malformed valves, and rhythmic irregularities in the heart. Yet, heart problems frequently don’t show signs right away. Pitbulls may not experience symptoms until they are difficult to treat unless the owner is diligent about taking them in for routine exams.

A lot of Pitbulls also have skin problems. They can vary from treatable conditions like allergies to fatal illnesses like cancer or mast cell tumors. Any type of skin cancer can be challenging to treat and frequently results in a Pitbull’s passing.

Although the merle pattern is not one of the formally acknowledged Pitbull colors (such as blue fawn), some breeders attempt to produce merle Pitbulls. Sometimes this results in double-merle breedings, which produce incredibly sickly progeny who frequently experience a range of health problems.

Bottom Line – How Long Do Pitbulls Live

In this article, we explored how long do Pitbulls live. Getting a new dog is a difficult procedure, and we want to make sure that the dogs we adopt will be able to lead complete, fulfilling lives alongside us. For their size, pitbulls have a respectable life expectancy, and if we take excellent care of them, they will live lengthy lifetimes. 

Pitbulls typically live to be at least ten years old, and most live to the ripe old age of twelve. However, you should make every effort to extend your time with your new closest buddy!

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