Dogs in Astrology – What’s your Dog’s Horoscope

Although there are no dogs connected with any specific Western astrological sign, in Chinese astrology the sign of the Dog is highly regarded. Those born under the sign of the dog are honest, faithful, and sincere, like the dog himself. He is loyal and dutiful and makes a good companion.

In the West, Canis Major and Canis Minor are the hunting dogs of Orion, one of the most recognizable of all constellations. The brightest star in the constellation of Orion is Sirius, often called “the dog star.” There are no constellations named after cats.

If you believe in astrology for yourself, why not check your dog’s daily horoscope? Many people believe that astrology is just as valid for pets as it is for people. Here are how some of the signs manifest themselves for dogs:

Dogs In Astrology

Aries dogs in astrology are full speed ahead! He rarely thinks before he acts. He is full of himself at all times and ready to tackle the world. The Aries dog has confidence to spare and is often very competitive. Whether he’s a small terrier or a large Mastiff, your Aries dog knows that he’s top dog! The Aries dog may be prone to head injuries because he tends to rush in without looking where he’s going.

Taurus dogs in astrology are very devoted but they can be a little stubborn. He is slower to act than the Aries dog. He tends to be a bit more cautious. The Taurus dog can also be a very sentimental and loving dog — and he loves belly rubs and luxury. Give him a soft bed to lie on and feed him his favorite meal and he’s in heaven. Add some petting and he’s the happiest dog around.

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The Gemini dog is always on the go. He has to know what’s going on. He’s in everyone’s business. Quick and smart, the Gemini dog is a multi-tasker. He starts many projects but he may give up on them to start something new. He tends to leave toys and things lying everywhere because he loses interest in them. He has to go see what else is happening! The Gemini dog is the social butterfly of the dog world.

The Cancer dog is a homebody. These tender souls love their people and love being petted. They are very devoted to their families. They can also have expanding waist lines, so you should watch their diets! The Cancer dog may also feel moody from time to time and unappreciated, so be sure to give them lots of treats and special attention to make them feel loved.

The Leo dog believes that he is the king of his domain. No matter how many other pets you may have, the Leo dog looks upon them as his subjects. He can be a benevolent ruler but he expects to be looked up to and admired. As long as he feels he’s getting his due respect he’s a happy dog. But if someone tries to push him out of his place, watch out! He can be a big cry baby. Or he can roar!

The Virgo dog is often very neat and precise. He may have special places for his toys. He may like peace and quiet in the home. If he could wear an apron and help you around the house he probably would. These dogs like order and prefer to keep things running smoothly. They do best in a home without stress and tension because it upsets them when things are in upheaval.

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The Libra dog is a fun-loving dog. They are very social and like to spend time with other dogs or any other pets. They get along with everyone. They love their people and other animals and they can be very unhappy if they’re left alone. Like the Taurus dog, the Libra dog enjoys pleasant surroundings and comfort. They love sleeping in a soft place and being pampered.

The Scorpio dog can be quite easy going, at least on the surface, but, when push comes to shove, don’t push him. These dogs are quite capable of pushing back and they don’t let other dogs push them around. The Scorpio dog can be very jealous and possessive of their owner. They can be very determined to get what they want.

The Sagittarius dog can be smart, outgoing, brave and, unfortunately, prone to wandering. Like human Sagittarians, the Sagittarian dog has a touch of wanderlust and loves to travel. Make sure you have a good fence if you have a Sag dog. They can be very curious and adventurous and always want to see what’s on the other side of the fence.

The Capricorn dog may be very successful in life. Whether your Cappy dog starts out in a shelter or comes from the best breeder, he usually finds ways to improve his lot in life. He probably enjoys the trappings of success and may value his toys and other possessions. Other dogs and pets may look up to him and see him as a leader. Your Capricorn dog probably plans ahead and may bury bones or store things for the future. He can be very wise.

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The Aquarius dog is a free spirit. He does things his way. Very smart, he may be attracted to gadgets and may chew them up or break them to see how they work. He may be aloof at times but he also likes big gatherings and can be a leader when he chooses. Your Aquarius dog can also be quite stubborn about some things. No one will make him do anything he doesn’t want to do.

The Pisces dog is very gentle and sweet. He can also have a great sense of humor and love of life. These dogs are generally far smarter than most people think when they first meet them because the Pisces dog is unassuming and doesn’t feel like flaunting anything. But watch out. The Pisces dog usually finds ways to get anything he wants and can even trick you into doing things because he’s so clever. He just prefers to hide his talents. They only let you think you’re the boss.

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