Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra. Photo: André Karwath

The Paracheirodon Innesi, commonly known as Neon Tetra, belongs to the Characiformes order and Characin family. It is a fish from the freshwater category, and is endemic to the clear water or Blackwater streams situated in Southeastern Colombia, Brazil and eastern parts of Peru. This species is also found in the some tributaries, where the … Read more

Rummynose Tetra Fish

Rummy Nose Tetra Fish

Hemigrammus Rhodostomus, commonly known as Rummy Nose Tetra belongs to the family of Characin fish that inhabits the tropical freshwaters. They are endemic to the South American regions, and are a favorite of the fish hobbyist. They are the small tetra species that grow up to 5cm when mature. They look very similar to the other species … Read more

Congo Tetra

Congo Tetra. Photo: André Karwath

The Congo Tetra, biologically called Phenacogrammus Interruptus, is an incredible and gorgeous species of Tetra fish from the African Characin family. The body of this Tetra species displays an array of rainbow colors that will glow in your fish tank. This unique color combination and beautiful body structure make them the most preferred Tetra by the fish … Read more

Glowlight Tetra

Glowlight Tetra. Photo: Nevit Dilmen

Hemigrammus erythrozonus, in general called as Glowlight Tetra, is a tiny fish found in the tropical regions of the River Essequibo, Guyana, in the continent of South America. Its color is silver, striped with brilliant shimmering orange-red from the snout up to the bottom of the tail, the frontal portion of the dorsal fin is … Read more

Guppy Fish

Guppy Fish

Scientific Classification Kingdom:       Animalia Phylum:          Chordata Class:  Actinopterygii Order:              Cyprinodontiformes Family:   Poeciliidae Genus: Poecilia Species:           P. Reticulata The Guppy, whose scientific name is Poecilia Reticulata, is otherwise called rainbow fish and also Million Fish. This fish is spread extensively all over the world, and is one among the main well-known varieties of fish in … Read more

Zebra Fish


Scientific Classification Kingdom:       Animalia Phylum:      Chordata Class:               Actinopterygii Order:              Cypriniformes Family:           Cyprinidae Genus:              Danio Species:           D. Rerio Binomial Name: Danio Rerio The zebrafish has its scientific name as Danio Rerio. This fish belongs to the tropics. It is a fresh water fish of the minnow group called Cyprinidae, which is of the … Read more

Cichlid Fish

Cichlid Fish

Scientific Classification Kingdom:  Animalia Phylum:          Chordata Class:               Actinopterygii Order:            Perciformes Suborder:       Labroidei Family:           Cichlidae Cichlid fish belong to the Perciformes order and Cichlidae family. They are very popular among freshwater fish hobbyists. The family is vast and diverse with more than 1650 species scientifically described. There is still an estimation of more than … Read more

Arowana Fish

Red Asian Arowana. Photo: Elma / Reykjavík

Scientific Classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum:  Chordata Class:    Actinopterygii Order:   Osteoglossiformes Suborder:  Osteoglossoidei Family:           Osteoglossidae  The Arowana hailing from the Osteoglossidae family are a bony freshwater fish, they have another name, Bonytongues (the name bony tongue is meant for the Arapaimidae). The head of this group of fish is bony and its lengthened … Read more



The Killifish are endemic to  all over Asia, Africa, North America and regions of Europe. These fish are found in all fresh water habitats. There are over 500 varieties of them in this family. Many of them are indigenous to brackish water and some do live in fresh salt water. Killifish are famous for their … Read more


Angelfish. Photo: Mendel

Scientific Classification Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Actinopterygii Order Perciformes Family Cichlidae Subfamily Cichlasomatinae Tribe Heroini Genus Pterophyllum The Angelfish is a trendy fish kept in aquariums, and by all means they add to the attractiveness of the aquarium with much elegance. Still, it is not very easy for you to take care of this … Read more

Betta Fish

Betta Fish

Scientific Classification Kingdom:   Animalia Phylum:    Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order:   Perciformes Family:  Osphronemidae Subfamily:                 Macropodusinae Genus:  Betta  This attractive Betta fish have exciting colors and graceful tails, and many consider the brightly shining Betta as the one of the few pretty freshwater fish for aquariums. The arrangements needed for the Betta Fish to prosper and … Read more

Betta Fish Care

Betta Fish

The Siamese fighting fish, called Betta or Betta Splendens originated from the mucky ponds, rice paddy fields and streams of Thailand. The Betta Splendens that were found at first had tiny fins and had pale colours. The fins of the modern Betta Fish are long and graceful, and you can see them in an assortment … Read more