Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami

Scientific Classification

Kingdom:        Animalia
Phylum:          Chordata
Class:               Actinopterygii
Order:              Perciformes
Family:            Osphronemidae
Genus:              Trichogaster
Species:           T. Lalius
Binomial name: Trichogaster Lalius

Dwarf Gourami fish is also known as the Red Dwarf Gourami, Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami, and Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami. It has long been a most popular aquarium fish. Another common name for this fish is a Dwarf Banded Gourami fish. It is a shy and peaceful fish and this beautiful fish makes a striking display in an aquarium. Being fairly durable and with its small size, this fish has been recommended as a good choice for beginners.

Dwarf Gourami

Habitat and range

The Dwarf Gourami fish is Native to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In the year 1822, this fish was described by Hamilton. It was originally found in South Asia. This fish inhabits slow moving waters in streams, lakes and rivulets.

Dwarf Gourami fish can reach up to a length of 3.5 inches. Normally the female fish can reach up to a length of 2 1/3 inches and the male can reach up to a length of 3 inches. The average lifespan of this fish is 4 years, but with good care and attention it may live longer. It has another respiratory organ called Labyrinth organ, this organ allows the fish to absorb atmospheric oxygen directly into the bloodstream. The body of this fish is somewhat dense and its fins are relatively large and rounded. Its ventral fins are threadlike and they carry touch sensitive cells which are extremely perceptive. In the wild, the male Dwarf Gourami have diagonal stripes of alternating red and blue colors whereas females have a silver color.

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The male and female Dwarf Gourami fish are differentiated by their dorsal fins. In the male fish, the dorsal fins are pointed and long and the anal fin is only pointed whereas the female’s are curved or rounded. Breeding is fairly easy for this fish, but a separate tank of 20 to 30 gallons should be set up for the breeding. This fish is a bubble nest builder. The male fish builds a bubble nest in which eggs are laid. The female fish lay 300 to 800 eggs and these eggs will hatch in 24 to 36 hours.

Tank size

To house the Dwarf Gourami fish, a tank of 5 gallons is the minimum requirement, but it is better to start with more. Young fish can easily be housed in a ten gallon tank. The Maximum amount of surface area is good for them as it helps the fish in taking in oxygen easily.

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Dwarf Gourami fish is an Omnivore, so it requires both meaty and algae based food. In the wild it can feed insect larvae, small invertebrate, Zooplankton and crustaceans. In an aquarium it can eat all kinds of fresh, flake and live foods. Quality flake or pellet food helps to keep a good diet balance. It also likes to eat live foods such as blood worms, white worms and brine shrimps. This food provides proper nutrition to them. Vegetable tablets are also good for them. Feed this fish once or twice in a day.

Water conditions

Dwarf Gourami fish does its best in water temperature between 72 degree to 80 degree F. It is a hardy fish and its Labyrinth organ allows it to even survive in oxygen depleted water. This fish is undemanding of water quality, but, weekly water changes keep it healthy and fit. Air stones are also essential for it because this fish prefer well oxygenated water.

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Dwarf Gourami fish swim in all parts of the aquarium, but mostly in the top and middle portion. The Tank should be well decorated because a well decorated tank allows fish to live happily and stay healthy. An efficient filtration system is also ideal for them.

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