Feeding a Cat


Many cat owners, while trying to do the best they can for their cat, are actually feeding a cat in a way that is not most beneficial. Just like a human has certain nutritional requirements, so do cats. While many of the pet foods on the market aim to be sure that all of these … Read more

How to Read a Cat Food Label

Cat Eating

Choosing the right cat food for your pet is extremely important in order to keep your pet healthy and full of vitality. As with humans, diet has a big effect on the overall health of your pet, and with the correct choices you can ensure your pet lives a long and happy life, and stays … Read more

Choosing Organic Cat Food

Cat Lying Down

About two years ago, the devastating pet food scare killed hundred of cats and dogs across North America. In fact, as depressing as it is, the exact number of pets that died due to bad pet food still is not known. The source of the pet food problem in 2007 was wheat gluten tainted with … Read more

Organic Grooming Choices for Cats

Black and White Cat

Cats, in general, don’t require as much grooming as dogs. Of course, the extent that your cat needs to be groomed will depend on what type of cat you have. You also need to take into consideration whether or not you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. If you have an indoor cat … Read more

Plants that are Poisonous to Cats


If you are like most people, you have plants inside your home to decorate and spruce things up. What you may not know is that these beautiful plants could actually have some devastating effects on your cat. Some plants are very poisonous to cats. Although some plants are worse for cats than others, it is … Read more

Great Books on Holistic Cat Care

Cat and Flowers

Being the caregiver for a cat is a responsibility that includes paying special attention to the wellbeing of your furry, four-legged friend. You may already realize that cats are masters when it comes to disguising when they are having medical problems. They typically wish to appear confident, in charge and capable. This means that cat … Read more

Raw Food Diet for Cats

Black and White Cat

Have you ever wondered what cats were eating for dinner way back before we started preparing dry cat food pellets and canning cat food? Well, as it turns out, cats were eating all sorts of critters we most likely don’t want to think about. Items cats eat in the wild include mice, small mammals, birds, … Read more

How to Find a Good Holistic Vet for Your Cat

Kitten and Boy

Finding a good veterinarian can be a bit of a challenge. This fact holds true when you are looking for a holistic vet as well. Of course, your pet’s health is of paramount importance to you. For this reason, you will want to find the best medical care and preventative treatment possible. Just as you … Read more

Homeopathy for Cats

Sleeping Cat

A homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that takes advantage of the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The word homeopathy comes from Greek “homoios” meaning similar and pathos meaning “suffering.” Homeopathic treatment can be applied to humans, and also to animals. The philosophy behind homeopathy advocates that “like cures like.” The way homeopathy … Read more

Cats and Milk


Cats and milk go together just like 10 years olds and Koolaid. Whenever I make myself a bowl of cereal with milk in it, my cats surround me like a kitty mob, waiting for their turn to lap up some of my delicious milk. Sometimes I give them some, because like a mob of people … Read more

How to Toilet Train a Cat


It is many people‚Äôs hope that they will be able to train their cat to use the toilet when they need to relieve themselves. Not only does this save time and money, but it also eliminates the hassle of changing a dirty litter box every couple of days. When you are looking to toilet train … Read more

Massage Therapy for Cats

Cat eyes

The idea of going and getting your cat a massage may sound silly at first. After all, for many humans getting a massage conjures up images of going to a spa, wearing a robe, and having your toenails painted. Aren’t cats pampered enough? They get to sleep all day, play games, listen to birds… and … Read more