Cat Toys – Why they are Important

Cat with Ball

You may think that cat toys are meaningless and pretty useless when it comes to the growth and development of cats, but you are wrong in this assumption. A cat toy will help stimulate your cat’s mind. When young kittens are healthy enough to start playing and exploring their environments, toys help them to sharpen … Read more

The Secrets to Translating a Cat’s Language


Ever wonder how the Cat People somehow seem to just know what their cats are saying? Have you noticed that they all swear that their feline familiars speak to them? Do you think it’s a crock? Well, it’s actually not, and I am going to tell you a few secrets of the Cat Language so … Read more

Types of Cat Food

Cat Food

A newbie onto the scene of cat food could be easily forgiven for thinking the choice out there is truly mind boggling. At first glance it is. Food for kittens, dry food, semi-moist food, meals for cats, prescription diets, organic food, food with added nutrients, therapeutic diets, canned food, meals in sealed packets, chicken flavour, … Read more

Inappropriate Urination with Cats

Skinny Cat

I was visiting home several weeks ago and found myself wandering down memory lane with a family photos album on my lap. In my meanderings, I stumbled across a yellowing portrait of me with my first pet, Snowball the cat. Snowball is stretched regally across an aqua and purple armchair (it was the 70’s…); I … Read more

Should I Get More than One Cat?

Three Cats

For a lot of us, we have more than one cat. This is because you get your first cat, fall in love and want another companion. Some of us even got another cat to keep the other one company when we are not around. What most people do not realize is that cats are very … Read more

Cat Superstitions that will Leave you Wondering

Black Cat

Dog people don’t know what they’re missing…they don’t get to enjoy the rich history and the air of mystery and myth that surround their furry companions.Cats have a heritage that can fill volumes, dating back to ancient mythology and spanning the world in culture. Cat superstitions are fun for some, scary for others, and always … Read more

Therapeutic Diets for Cats

Cats Face

Therapeutic diets for cats are specially targeted formulas that assist in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases and illnesses. They can have a big impact on the quality of life of your cat, working in conjunction with traditional medicine to aid recovery or prevent an illness developing further. They can only … Read more

Why do Cats Purr?

Girl and Cat

Many cat owners have probably asked the questions “why do cats purr“. A few years ago a company released two similar products. One claimed to be able to interpret the meaning of a dog’s bark. The other claimed to interpret the real meaning behind a cat’s purring and meowing. Well, many take those claims with … Read more

Sly Ways to Camouflage your Cats Litter Box

Cat Litter Box

Getting a cat, or moving to a new place with a cat for first time, always results in the same dilemma…where to hide the litter box? Dog people and those super-trainers who manage to teach their cat to flush just don’t understand what a problem this can be. A lot of thought has to go … Read more

How to Keep Your Cat off the Counter


If you are among the many people who absolutely adore their cat but dislike their counter jumping habits, this article will help you address those issues so your counter can be free of your furry friends’ paws. There are many tips and tricks you will find on the internet, however, the ones listed below have … Read more

When Should I Spay or Neuter my Cat


Ideally, cats should be spayed or neutered before they reach puberty. Most of the time, having the surgery performed when cats are five to six months old will meet this goal. Try not to wait much longer than this to schedule the surgery unless your pet has an underlying condition that warrants the delay. Cats … Read more

Is Dental Care Really all that Important for My Cat?

Grey Cat

Yes! Cats develop many of the same dental diseases as people: plaque, tartar, gingivitis, periodontal disease, loose or broken teeth, etc. These disorders can cause bad breath, oral pain, and difficulty eating. Infections associated with dental disease can even spread to other regions of the body damaging the kidneys, liver, and other organ systems. As … Read more