How Long Do Tigers Live? Explore Their Lifespan!

How Long Do Tigers Live

Tigers are one of the most fascinating animals loved for their strength, bravery, and power. They are one of the most studied of all animals hence people do know about various things about them including their habitat, lifecycle, eating habits, species, and more. Moreover, tigers’ lifespan is one of the most debated subjects. Thus, if … Read more

What Do Lions Eat? – Learn About Their Diet!

What do lions eat

People talk about lions very often. Have you ever pondered about “what do lions eat”? Or perhaps, you have visited a zoo, observe a lion there, and wondered “What do lions eat” After all they are considered ferocious animals. The very simple answer to the question that “What do lions eat”, is they eat “meat … Read more

How Long Do Lions Live? Explore The Lion Lifespan!

How Long Do Lions Live

People often search for queries like “How long do lions live”, or “facts about lions“. Are you also in the same boat? Explore here everything you need to know about “how long do lions live”. Member of the cat family, lions are territorial and social animals. They are the kings and queens of the forest … Read more

Lion Facts for Kids – Everything You Need to Know

Lion Facts for Kids

Contrary to their popularly known name “king of the jungle,” lions live in grasslands, open woodlands, and scrubs of sub-Saharan Africa. Slightly dwarfed by the tiger, lions are the second-largest cats globally with almost similar body types as tigers. Unlike other cats, lions are very social animals, and they live in groups called “prides.” a … Read more

What Do Cheetahs Eat?

What Do Cheetahs Eat

Mainly distributed throughout Africa and with a smaller population in Iran, Cheetahs exist in four different subspecies. All the subspecies look pretty similar, but genetically, they are quite different, and the differences are so prominent to consider them scientifically distinct. Cheetahs require a bit of space, good grassland, savannah habitat, and limited numbers of other … Read more

When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes?


When do kittens open their eyes? When they’re good and ready! But really, this is determined by nature. The length of time can vary, as some brand-new kittens will be able to see as soon as a day after birth. Some are a little more reluctant to see the world – they would rather wait … Read more

Why Do Cats Groom Each Other?


Cats are some of the cleanest animals on earth, even though they hate water and avoid it at all costs. How often have you come upon a stinky house cat? And why is this? Because, unlike dogs, they groom themselves (thankfully). Cats are meticulous about keeping their coats clean and shiny – it is estimated … Read more

Skittish Kittens

Skittish Kitten

Skittish is a term to describe cats that are extremely fearful of humans. Skittish kittens run and hide as soon as humans come around. It is a behavior that starts when the cat is young and gets worse if the cat comes upon a mean human, such as a cranky neighbor who shoes the cat … Read more

Should Cats Drink Milk?

Grey Cat

Many people who own a cat think that milk is an important part of a cat’s diet. This is not true. In fact, milk does not meet any of the nutritional needs of a cat. So, should cats drink milk? Many veterinarians would say “no”. While old movies often show cats contentedly feeding on a … Read more

How Long Is a Cat In Heat?

Black Cat

You will probably be searching online furiously for an answer to the question of how long is a cat in heat after just one hour of your cat is in this peculiar condition. It’s not a pleasant situation for you or your cat to deal with, but it is a part of nature. Your first … Read more

Training a Kitten To Use a Litter Box


Cats are very low-maintenance animals. They clean themselves and they will hunt and kill their own food whenever necessary. Unlike dogs, who you have to walk and clean up after constantly, cats have been blessed with an instinct to go to a special place to bury their waste matter so that it won’t smell or … Read more

When Do Kittens Lose Their Baby Teeth


Who can resist a tiny kitten? Most definitely not any of us marvel at how unique each kitten can be. Good dental care is always important for your kitten’s overall health. Neglecting your kitten’s oral hygiene can lead to plaque and periodontal disease. But when do kittens lose their baby teeth? Kittens are born without … Read more