Clicker Training a Cat

White Cat

Clicker training your cat has become a very popular way of training. The reason it has taken hold of many cat owners is the fact that it is not only fun for both the cat and the owner; it is also safe and healthy. The clicker is used to identify and make known good behavior- … Read more

How Much Water does a Cat Need?


It is not possible to answer exactly the question of “How much water does a cat need?” because it varies and depends on the cat, the weather, and other factors. Cats need plenty of water to help flush out toxins and impurities from their body and to maintain good hydration. Water helps keep organ tissues … Read more

Common Cat Health Problems


While cats are not, by nature, complainers, that doesn’t mean that they do not get sick. There are many common cat health problems. Fortunately, most can be treated with good results if caught early enough. Here are some of the most common cat health problems of which cat owners should be aware. Keep in mind … Read more