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Cat Superstitions That Will Leave You Wondering

Dog people don’t know what they’re missing…they don’t get to enjoy the rich history and the air of mystery and myth that surround their furry companions.
Cats have a heritage that can fill volumes, dating back to ancient mythology and spanning the world in culture. Cat superstitions are fun for some, scary for others, and always as intriguing as our mysterious familiars.

Most people are aware of the most common superstitions about cats, such as the old belief that a black cat crossing your path can bring bad luck…but there is a world of other legends out there about feline magic.

Here are a few cat superstitions that even the Crazy Cat Lady might not know about…

Feline Family Ties

Did you know that there are some women in the United States (especially in Arkansas and Tennessee) who will let her cat decide how she answers a marriage proposal? According to cat legend, if a woman doesn’t know whether or not to agree to marry her suitor, she should pluck three hairs from her cat’s tail. These hairs are to be folded into a piece of paper and placed under the welcome mat. Later, the woman opens the paper to see if the hairs have shifted to form a “Y”, meaning she plans a wedding, or an “N” which indicates she should say no.

In England, it is customary to kiss the family cat when visiting someone…for good luck.

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For a Scot, arriving at home to find a black cat on your front porch means you will soon come into some wealth.

In a Dutch household, the family cat is left out of family discussions (as in locked away)…for it is believed that the cat will go tell your family secrets to the town. Another Dutch tradition has a family member placing a cat in a new cradle at the home of a newly wedded couple, to bring forth a healthy new baby soon.

Another mostly American superstition tells families moving to a new home to put their cat into the new home for the first time through a window…this ensures that the cat will never run away.

Sea-Faring Kitties

The image of a cat on ships is an old one. The commonly accepted reason for this is that a cat on the ship killed mice…but true cat-fans know there is much more to the story.

Sailors once believed (and some still do) that a cat on board a ship would bring good luck in the form of fair weather during the trip, unless someone angered the cat. This was sure to bring on wind and rain. Any sailor who dared throw a cat overboard in a fit of temper could count on a ship-destroying storm that night.

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Alternately, those who didn’t believe the cat could control the weather would still often believe in the cat’s ability to predict the weather. An unsettled, crying cat meant a storm was on the horizon, and a happy and playful sailing-kitty meant fair skies.

Sweet Cat Dreams

Dreaming of cats is something that has long brought about legends and superstitions, depending on the kinds of cats in a dream and what the cat was doing in la-la-land.

Dreams of cats according to color

  • White – You’ll have luck and success in creative and spiritual matters.
  • Black – You’re harboring a fear, usually of your own abilities.
  • Gray – You believe your dreams can give you the path you should take.
  • Calico – You will soon make a new friend.
  • Black and white – Either you’ll have a good relationship with your children or you may have a new baby on the way.
  • Tortoiseshell – Your love life will improve soon.
  • Orange – You’ll soon experience success in business and acquire wealth.
  • Tabby – Your family will share some good luck.

Dreams of cats

  • Fighting – There is an illness in your family, or you are having an argument with a loved one.
  • Scratching you – You may be sick.
  • With snakes – You’ll be part of something spawned by rage.
  • Screaming – Beware a friend who may stab you in the back.
  • Meowing in a group – Beware giving your secrets to a chatty friend.
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A Few More Unique Cat Superstitions

If your cat has kittens in the month of May, they will have the power to be witch’s familiars.

If your cat keeps climbing onto your car, you should place a hat on the hood…it will deter the cat.

Two cats fighting in a cemetery means that a demon and a guardian angel are fighting over the possession of a recently dead soul.

Running across a cat with one eye can give you the chance to have a wish come true. As soon as you see the cat, spit on your thumb and press it into the palm of your other hand while you make your wish.

If you are ever in an intersection where 5 roads meet, place a cat in the middle…wherever he goes from there is said to be near buried treasure.
If a cat jumps over the body of a newly dead person, that person may rise as a vampire.

In Japanese mythology, it is said that every cat has a single hair on their tail that could revive a dying human.

Article By: Tori Leigh Fry

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