Fo-Ti Roots

Fo-Ti Roots

Scientific Classification

Order:    Caryophyllales
Family:    Polygonaceae
Genus:    Fallopia

Fo-Ti root herb is also known as Fallopia multiflora. It is an herbaceous plant. From a woody tuber, It grows 2 to 4 meters tall and contains alkaloids that have a rejuvenating effect on the cells of the brain and also has endocrine glands that have an effect on the nerves. Processed Fo-Ti herb contains sugar and protein complexes which are known as Lectinsthat are helpful in preventing heart disease. This herb is known as fleece flower, Ho Shou Wo, and He Shou Wo. It has many other names depending on the country. He Shou Wo means black-haired Mr. He”. It is native to southern and central China. The Fo-Ti herb has the ability to turn the brown hair of human beings into black hair.

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As a fertility aid, Fo-Ti root herb has a rich history. It is generally used to treat fertility of males. For overall longevity and health it has been found as an ideal herb. For thousands of years people believed that this herb gives them an uplifting feeling. From centuries processed Fo-Ti herb has been used as an anti ageing tonic. And it is also used in the reducing fat which is in the liver and also protect the liver from toxins.


The leaves of the Fo-the herb is broad and are shaped like an arrowhead. These leaves are 3 to 7 cm long. The flowers are greenish-white or white in color. These flowers are 6 to 7 mm in diameter. The flowers are produced in dense and short panicles. In season to mid autumn these flowers grow to 10 to 20 cm long.

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Fo-Ti root herb is an adaptogen traditional herb which is used in Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea and Taiwan. In the United States, this herb gained popularity for its excellent restorative and healing properties. “Vigor”, “Vitality” and “Longevity’ are these three words that epitomize this herb.


The Fo-Ti root herb can grow in an ordinary garden. It prefers moist soil. It cannot tolerate high fertile soil.

Temperature and Humidity

The Fo-Ti herb is grown as a valley shrub and along the banks of streams. They prefer full sunlight or partial shade.


Seeds of fo-the herb has to be sown in the spring season in a cold frame. ; Its germination is easy. When they attain reasonable size, then planting in summer is ideal for them.



The Fo-ti herb is used in the treatment of high blood pressure, nerve damage, and eczema. It has many uses. It is also useful in deficiency of blood, high cholesterol problem, fatigue, and scrofula. It is also helpful in boosting the immune system. It supports healthy digestion. The leaves of this herb are used to treat nervous tension, stress and insomnia. It nourishes the kidneys and liver. This herb is rich in iron and zinc. Iron helps in proper blood formation. And zinc is helpful in healthy testosterone levels in men.

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