Throwback Pomeranian – Bold, Cute, and Intelligent Purebred Pet

Throwback Pomeranian

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Throwback Pomeranian” and still feel unsure about what it refers to. Regardless of size, shape, or other physical characteristics, the majority of people think there is just one variety of Pomeranians. Although there is only one breed of Pomeranian and no recognized variations in size or any other physical characteristics, … Read more

Are Pomeranians Smart – Interesting Facts and Tips

Are Pomeranians Smart

Pomeranians are brave, independent, and vivacious small dogs. They are ideal for all owners because of their inquisitive nature and welcoming atmosphere. However, due to their upbeat personalities, owners may doubt the intelligence of these toy dogs. Pomeranians pick up new orders quickly.  What actually distinguishes Pomeranians as smart dogs is their extraordinary capacity for … Read more

German Shepherd Feeding Chart

German Shepherd Feeding Chart

Age: Kilocalories(Per day) Daily Food Quantity(Cups) Fats: Protein: 2 – 3 Months 1050 – 1500 1 – 1.5 8% 22 – 25% 4 – 5 Months 1200 – 1400 1.5 – 2 8% 22 – 25% 6 – 9 Months 1600 – 1800 2 – 3 8% 22 – 25% 10 – 12 Months 1700 … Read more

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

Hybrid dogs have gained a lot of popularity recently and have earned the moniker “man’s best friend” over time. A fantastic example is the German Shepherd Mastiff mix. Your current thought is probably, “What exactly is a German Shepherd Mastiff Mix?” A purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Mastiff are crossed to create the hybrid … Read more

Retained Puppy Teeth – Treatment and Care Tips

Retained Puppy Teeth

A condition known as retained puppy teeth occurs when the permanent tooth emerges. If an adult dog’s retained or prolonged deciduous tooth cannot usually fall out, it may cause oral disorders. Early detection is reliant on you, the owner, and is essential to averting serious harm. A veterinarian should be consulted right away to prevent … Read more

Bernedoodle Size Chart – How Big Do They Get?


Bernedoodles provide the ideal companion for owners and families with kids since they are intelligent, devoted, kind, and humorous dogs. They are a hybrid breed descended from both large Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Their Poodle side gives them their intellect and gaze, while their Bernese half gives them their playfulness and loyalty. Let us … Read more

Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog – Traits & Care Requirements

Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog

The hybrid Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog combines two well-known dog breeds. However, because the Australian Shepherd and the Bernese Mountain Dog were developed for very distinct roles in very distinct environments, their offspring are incredibly unpredictable in terms of appearance and temperament. If you appreciate a dog with a strong work ethic, intelligence, loyalty, … Read more

Do Dogs Get Tired Of Barking?

Do Dogs Get Tired Of Barking

Have you ever wondered whether do dogs get tired of barking? Every dog owner knows that dogs can bark while they are having fun or when they hear something ominous. However, when the dog barks excessively, you may wonder do dogs get tired of barking.  Generally, dogs use barking as a means of communicating what … Read more

How Fast Can Hippos Run?

How Fast Can Hippos Run

Have you ever seen hippos running? Hippos are large and moody animals that can be very heavy. They have large bodies and relatively short legs. Even though they are known to be lazy, hippos are pretty athletic. Well, anybody who has seen those chubby creatures running, especially those that have been chased by hippos, will … Read more